"Mento has been described as ‘Jamaica’s original foundation music, the father of them all’" - Music, by Catherine Ross at Museumand

Mento is a style of Jamaican folk music recognisable by its acoustic sounds. It became a feature of Caribbean music in the 1920s, but the golden years of this genre, were in the 1940s and 50s. Mento is a fusion of African and European rhythms and musical traditions reflecting many centuries of history. It was originally played on homemade, makeshift instruments including natural gourds, pieces of iron, empty sardine cans, forks and graters!

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"That was a good lesson, Miss" - Education, by Catherine Ross at Museumand

The first day I walked into my classroom as a Further Education Lecturer of Business Studies, I had to pinch myself. Racism was still rife in society in the late 70s and many memories of my school days and growing up in the 50s were still raw. I remember the outrage of my parents at the Government report that said Black children were educationally subnormal, and all because they spoke “patois”, apparently! 60 years later patois is spoken not just by the Windrush Generation but by Caribbeans born in the UK. 

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Together TV is stepping up to Freeview 87! [2020]


We are pleased to announce that from Thursday 17th September, we will be stepping up to channel 87 on Freeview! 

Together TV currently sits on channel 88 on Freeview, but from 17th September 2020, channel 88 will become the home of TogetherTV+1, the perfect place to catch your favourite shows that you might have just missed. Meanwhile you can watch TogetherTV, as normal, on channel 87. 


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You Are not Alone: Together TV supporting vulnerable people

You relied on us in the first lock down, you can rely on us this time too. You Are Not Alone; Let's face this Together.

If you are self-isolating we can help connect you with your nearest Mutual Aid group to find the support you need.

Our help line continues to run for those seeking assistance or looking for a friendly chat, find details of how to contact us here.


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