VE Day 2021 on Together TV

On the 8th May, the UK recognises VE (Victory in Europe) Day. It is the day that the allies, including Britain, formally accepted Germany’s surrender ending World War 2. A day to celebrate as the strain of a six year long war was coming to a close. The conflict did not yet end then, and there were still many fatalities as the war waged on in Japan until the end of August 1945. Today, we continue to celebrate VE Day with street parties and alike. Together TV will be dedicating its afternoon broadcasting to documentaries commemorating the people and stories from WW2. 

This year, we have a special line up of documentaries including some new titles for Together TV, which are a must watch for any fighter plane enthusiasts. Here’s a taster of the newer documentaries we’ll be broadcasting:


Lancaster at War

The Lancaster is an aircraft all fighter jet fans will know. The story of the incredible Avro Lancaster, one of WW2's finest bombers, is a tale worth knowing. The Lancaster played a crucial role in the long and savage campaign to defeat the Axis powers. It’s specialised missions would make aviation history and who better to tell its story than the men who flew her.
8th May at 2.00 PM


Nancy Corrigan, Sky Blazer

Nancy Corrigan was originally from Ireland but is best known as one of America's first female pilots. During WW2 she trained male US army fighter pilots as her aviation skills were unparalleled. One of the first ever female pilots, Nancy initially financed her aviation ambitions by modelling. Her story is truly inspirational and in this documentary her ancestor traces her story. 
8th May at 5.30 PM


Women Pilots of WW2

There were many more women that aspired to become pilots and the second world war offered an opportunity for them to fulfil their dream and serve their country. Women Pilots of WW2 focuses on American women who volunteered to become Women Airforce Service Pilots. A fantastic watch on VE Day as people from all walks of life contributed in the victory we celebrate.
8th May at 4.15 PM


After the War: Finsbury Stories

The Finsbury residents survived the London Blitz and rebuilt Britain after the war. Now they are some of the last citizens to call themselves Finsbury People. They have experienced much in their lifetimes and gather to discover the past. The remarkable stories of the Finsbury people are not to be missed this VE Day. 
8th May at 6.45 PM


Our full VE Day 2021 line up is:

Lancaster at War @ 2.00 pm
World War 2 @ 3pm
Women Pilots of WW2 @ 4.15 pm
Nancy Corrigan, Sky Blazer @  5.30 pm
After The War: Finsbury Stories @ 6.45 pm
Kindertransport - Kenneth's Story @ 7.45 pm


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