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At the heart of the Our Big MS Adventure documentary is a courageous journey from West London to the wilds of the Scottish Western Isles. As wheelchair bound Al Fraser fulfills a final dream, the interweaving frank, emotive stories of three women also diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis reveal breakthroughs in medical science that could bring hope to millions worldwide.  

Directed by BAFTA award winner Tony Dow, best known for ‘Only Fools and Horses’ ‘Our Big MS Adventure’ has great dollops of humour when you least expect it.

About MS

Multiple Sclerosis is the most prevalent serious neurological disease affecting the young. 130 new cases are diagnosed in the UK every week. A degenerative disease of the nervous system it can cause total paralysis, as well as adversely impacting speech, continence, co-ordination, cognition, energy, emotions and the ability to breath. Commonly diagnosed in people between the ages of 20-40, it has been found in children as young as 4. It affects three times as many women as men. An auto-immune condition, MS is increasing across the world, reaching places where it has never previously existed. 

MS Awareness Week: 19 – 25 April.

Incidence of MS is increasing and there is currently no cure. As we reel with the news of Covid, ‘Our Big MS Adventure’ is a positive story: Shot over 12 years it uniquely shows the long-term impact of MS on sufferers and their families. Some symptoms of MS resemble those of long-term Covid. It’s a contemporary story exploring cutting edge medical science and lifestyle choices that can help not just those with auto-immune conditions – but all of us with a brain….! 


There is a wealth of information available to raise awareness, educate and support MS. The documentary recommended the following sites:

Social network and community for people with multiple sclerosis: Shift MS 
Fund MS research and for general information: The MS Society
Support for individuals diagnosed with MS: The MS Trust
Alkaline diet information: Liveenergized.com
Dedicated website for the Our Big MS Adventure documentary: www.MSOK.uk


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