Behind the Bhangra Boys: Together TV to premiere film on dance group raising awareness of climate change

  • Together TV will be showing the UK Premiere of Behind the Bhangra Boys on Tuesday 31 August at 10pm BST
  • Ahead of the Premiere, the Maritime Bhangra Group will be creating a new viral dance video to raise awareness for climate change charity Friends of the Earth
  • Climate change focus was chosen due to the extreme weather the world has experienced throughout the past couple of weeks* in addition to the spotlight in the documentary
  • Behind the Bhangra Boys sees the group meeting with the First Nations community in Canada to discuss how climate change it had affected their small island community and ultimately how it will influence our future


Together TV will be airing the UK premiere of the joyous documentary Behind the Bhangra Boys on Tuesday 31 August and Saturday 04 September 2021. The film delves into the experience of the Maritime Bhangra Group to go beyond their viral dance videos to explore their culture, community, and activism.


Following the extreme weather the world has seen recently - flash Floods in the UK, Germany, Belgium, China, and India and extreme heat in Canada, Ireland and Finland* - the Maritime Bhangra Group will be using their characteristic joyous activism to boost the profile of Friends of the Earth, a charitable organisation dedicated to protecting the natural world and the wellbeing of everyone in it, ahead of the documentary's UK Premiere on Together TV.


The documentary, Behind the Bhangra Boys sees the group meeting with the First Nations community in Canada to discuss the effects of climate change on their community. The group learn how flooding has become so severe; at times the Mi’kmaq people are nervous the banks of the river will break into their water supply. They also discuss how quickly climate change has accelerated in recent times. The connection between the cultures and to the land is both poignant and powerful.


The Maritime Bhangra Group, whose ultimate mission is to dance to help people by raising awareness and money to act as the medium to start a dialogue on the important issues,are set to create and release a new dance. The video will be in their trademark dance style accompanied by western popular music with a Bhangra twist. The group have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for multiple charitable causes including ALS, Autism, Breast Cancer, Hurricane relief and more recently for foodbanks.


Behind the Bhangra Boys will be aired as the final part of Together TV’s GameChangers strand of documentaries, which are running weekly until the end of August 2021. GameChangers aim to honour the movers and shakers who want to make the world a better place than they found it. It will be celebrating the radicals, rebels and innovators who have changed the world. They see things differently, demand progress and push against the status quo - from aeronautics to activism, engineering to empowerment.


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The Maritime Bhangra Group are available for virtual interviews and performances on request.


Past videos are available on YouTube - Maritime Bhangra Group


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