One Mum's Mission to End Loneliness

Loneliness affects 9 million people in the United Kingdom, 4 million of those people are elderly according to the Campaign to End Loneliness.

Claire Carson, mum of two found herself low-spirited after hearing the statistics of loneliness on Good Morning Britain. Carson, who has found morning playgroups with her children at Wallasey Village helpful in meeting other mums felt inspired to help those battling loneliness.

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Get Involved in Big Lunch

1 in 5 people in the UK have never spoken to their neighbours. Together TV encourages you to join The Big Lunch, which is a get together for communities on June 1-2 to share a meal and connect with each other.

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Exclusive! Win the brand new book 'The Tunnels Below'

In the occasion of the International Children's Books Day, Together is happy to announce a book Prize Draw dedicated to those who want to do more in their lives and for others. All you need to do is to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to get a chance to win 1 out of 15 copies of  the brand new book 'The Tunnels Below' written by the voice of our channel Nadine Wild-Palmer.

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Panjabi Wrestling - Why can't girls wrestle?

To commemorate Women's day, Together brings you an amazing documentary about the history of wrestling for the Sikh community put together by 2 remarkable young woman! Panjabi Wrestling showcases the rich culture and tradition of wrestling that has been pass down over the centuries and made its way from India to the UK thanks to the wave of immigration during the 1960s. 

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LGBT History Month 2019

In the occasion of the LGBT History Month, Together commemorates the LGBT community and its struggles to gain a respectable identity and change perceptions of them within societies.

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A life of crime: At Home with the Noonans

'At Home with the Noonans' is a documentary following the lives of Dominic Noonan and his family. Dominic Noonan is a Manchester crime lord who has been in and out of prison throughout his life. This documentary follows his journey over 10 years, in and out of jail, as well as looking at the lives his family. Will his son Bugsy follow in his footsteps and turn to a life of crime?

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Pioneering Street Pianos: Instrument of change

From Glasgow to London, from New York to San Jose 1,900 pianos destined for landfill are being placed on the streets of 60 cities worldwide. Luke Jerram launched this project in 2008. It was called 'Play me, I'm Yours.' From this movement the documentary Instrument of change was created.

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Born to be a Champion. Born to be Different.

Hamish McLean is a 15-year-old teenager affected by achondroplasia, commonly known as dwarfism. 

He has a real talent for swimming. Because of that, he even gave up an operation to raise the length of his legs to avoid to be tied to a wheelchair for two years. He surprised everyone when qualified to represent New Zealand at the World Championships, a stepping stone to the Paralympic Games in Rio. ‘The crowd was yelling for me, I never heard that before – it felt really good’.

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