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Who we are

Our ethos is to inspire positive change - we want to turn passions into social good.

We are the first supporter-owned national TV channel and the only channel dedicated to inspiring social change. We broadcast to 27 million TV homes across Freeview, Sky, Virgin Media, Freesat along with streaming apps and on-demand. Over four million people watch the channel every month, and 1.5 million of our viewers have told us they learn more by watching the channel then go on to do more in their community.

We are an independent Community Benefit Society, backed by our 200+ members, the media industry and foundation funders. We know what our viewers like and what motivates them to start something new. We have exciting plans and want to work with you!

Who we are talking to

Our viewers are community-minded, mainstream and engaged. This is real Britain – millions of people living in terraces, suburbs and towns. Our viewers are spread across the UK’s nations and are evenly split between men and women.

Viewers love our unique programming – the thing they like most are programmes they won’t find elsewhere. Almost all viewers learn more by watching the channel, most talk to others about what they watch, many seek more information and change their views.

What we’re looking for

We know our viewers want to be entertained and informed, to learn something new and have their opinions challenged. We try and motivate people to put a little magic in their lives. Anything is possible. Experience something new. We promote feeling good and doing good.

Our content filters guide content selection, with programmes meeting at least two of:

Filter 1: It is celebrating people coming together?
Filter 2: It is surprising, unexpected and quirky?  
Filter 3: It is authentic, real, honest and true?
Filter 4: Is it reflecting British lives and experiences?  
Filter 5: Is it inspiring social change? 

Our views want topics that spark their passions and provide practical things they can do. They are inspired by people like them making these changes, who are relatable and we can connect to emotionally. The ties of family and friendship that form the bedrock of our communities.


We are a real lives channel and so are primarily looking for factual and factual entertainment series with a UK focus. Dramas don’t really work for our viewers (we’re in Documentaries on Sky and Virgin). Optimistic, encouraging, accessible and celebrating the quirks of British life, Together offers a strong mix of smartly-entertaining series and passionately-authored documentaries, with original and returning series across three key content strands;

Make Together, looking at arts, crafts, hobbies and fandoms
Better Together, all about being active, eating well and taking care of mind and body
Get Together, finding joy in communal activity and shared identities, be it local heritage or communities formed by locality, interest, faith, diaspora or ethnicity, sexuality or ability. 


We are ideally looking for presenter-led series, bringing humour to topics and engaging an audience to make a regular date with the channel. We are also interested in more observational series that open a window into under-represented lives and cultures. In the main we want our viewers to come away with ideas how to positively and practically engage in their community.  


We are inspiring, optimistic, quirky and fun. We are mainstream and alternative, casting a light on unseen lives and stories. We are real Britain in all its glorious diversity of peoples, places, cultures and lifestyles. We are made with love, by dedicated people who care about quality.


We are ideally looking for series or ideas that can be turned into series. Our series run from six episodes upwards but our ideal are runs of 13 to 26 episodes. Some of the series we have produced have run to 50-100 episodes.


We are only looking for programmes that fit regular half-hour and hour-long broadcast slots to ensure our schedules make sense to viewers. We are not interested in shorter films or longer documentaries. Our half-hour slots house programmes that run from 20-22 minutes and our hour-long slots run at 46-48 minutes. If you have a campaign film (rather than corporate video) running under five minutes we may be able to show it in a PSA slot between programmes.

Programme Rights

We can only broadcast programmes which have all the rights cleared for them. This includes the distribution rights (your right to let us show the entire programme on TV and/or on-demand) along with all third-party material rights. This may include commercial music, archive film or material you haven’t filmed yourself, stills/images, literary works and other copyright elements you do not own. You also need to ensure all contributors have signed release forms and relevant locations have also signed release forms. Whilst we can broadcast most recorded commercial and library music under our agreements with PRS for Music and PPL, it is up to the producer (you) to clear all music in your films with the relevant publishers, labels and talent as required. Without this we cannot air your film.

Technical Specifications

We are a member of the Digital Production Partnership, and broadcast using a slimmed-down version of its technical specs. We try to keep things as simple as possible but you will need to deliver to broadcast standards in terms of video, audio, title-safe graphics and file codecs. We will share the tech specs with you after the film submission stage.

How we help you

Our team will find the best showcase for your film or series. We will promote the film on TV and across our online and marketing channels, including weekly press highlights and social media. Where relevant we will place it into a regular strand or wider season and promote it as part of this broader activity. If you need a letter of support to secure funding we will help you, if you need ideas about funders to approach we will help you, if you’re involving sponsors or other partners to co-fund your programmes we will be as flexible as possible so that you can make it happen.

How to submit your film

Submit via email to [email protected] including your contact details along with a viewing copy and description of your film.

A team member will then get in touch if appropriate.

Good luck!

Diverse Film Fund

Together TV's Diverse Film Fund is an opportunity for emerging filmmakers to get funding and mentoring for a film that depicts the diversity in the UK.

Applications for the Diverse Film Fund 2024 are now closed. This 2024 theme is Life Beyond Labels: Deaf, Disabled and/or Neurodivergent Lives Today.

Diverse Film Fund 2024: Life Beyond Labels. Image contains colourful geometric shares and a photo of a camera shooting a clip.


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