Transsexual Stories - do you need help?

The documentary Transsexual Stories highlights the daily struggles and emotions five transsexual women go through in their life. As the show develops, you have the opportunity to connect with the five women and gain a close rapport with their stories. Transsexual Stories highlights the extraordinary situations Transsexuals may have to endure that many people do not know about. Together TV believe in helping and doing good for people, especially those wanting to connect, find help or even advice.

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Ready to play? Together TV's First Ever Game!

Want to challenge yourself? Is it time to sharpen up your garden habits? Then look no further! From the great success of our gardening programmes, Together TV is presenting to you our first ever game. We wanted to ensure that this learning resource would be a fun and easy way to engage with our current shows like 'Garden Rescue' and 'Show me Your Garden'. 


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Feeling green? Grow Wild This Spring!

Hey Together TV viewers! Need some gardening inspiration at the turn of the season? Spring is just around the corner and we want to make sure you’ve got the tips you need to get your garden in bloom. We know how much you love our gardening shows, so we want to highlight something for all our back-garden enthusiasts.

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Happy Valentines Day! Show Some Love to Mother Earth.

It’s the month of love. This Valentines day we hope you are making time for you and your loved ones, but we want to make sure you make time for the planet as well. We love our planet and want to make sure we take care of it.

You might have watched some of the the Sky Ocean Rescue short films on our TV channel. If you inspired, here are some tips to help us give back to the rock we call home. Follow along as we show you how to be an Ocean Hero!

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Save Our Beaches, Be an Ocean Hero!

Only 9% of plastic thrown away will be recycled. The rest will end up in landfills, the ocean, or washed ashore on beaches.

When picturing lush beaches most people think of lounging in the sun while listening to the soft sound of waves spilling ashore. Unfortunately, this reality is changing for so many beaches around the world. The Sky Ocean Rescue campaign is here to raise awareness about plastic use and how we can all play our part in living a healthier earth friendly lifestyle.


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Giveaway! Award Winning Food and Drink Books

What better way to spend the evening than with Together TV, a pleasant read, and a well-prepared meal or cup of tea. Join us as we celebrate the André Simon Food & Drink Book Awards with a prize draw that will be sure to help you craft the perfect night in!

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