We Stand Together: Black History and Black Lives at Together TV

At Together TV we recognise the vital importance of acknowledging social issues and ongoing struggles of minority communities. We Stand Together for equality and racial justice,  and are keen to amplify the voices of those that have been historically overlooked or ignored.

As the leading TV channel for social change, over several years we have celebrated Black History month on the channel by broadcasting an extensive range of documentaries on a variety of subjects from stories of immigration to the work of revolutionary young activists. 

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Black and British: A Forgotten History that must be remembered

David Olusoga’s Black and British: A Forgotten History is returning to Together TV this week to highlight the importance of remembering the compelling but often overlooked stories of Black figures from British history. Olusoga takes us on a journey of discovery as he travels the length and breadth of Britain, unearthing historical relationships between Britain and people of African origin. 

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Transsexual Stories - do you need help?

The documentary Transsexual Stories highlights the daily struggles and emotions five transsexual women go through in their life. As the show develops, you have the opportunity to connect with the five women and gain a close rapport with their stories. Transsexual Stories highlights the extraordinary situations Transsexuals may have to endure that many people do not know about. Together TV believe in helping and doing good for people, especially those wanting to connect, find help or even advice.

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Ready to play? Together TV's First Ever Game!

Want to challenge yourself? Is it time to sharpen up your garden habits? Then look no further! From the great success of our gardening programmes, Together TV is presenting to you our first ever game. We wanted to ensure that this learning resource would be a fun and easy way to engage with our current shows like 'Garden Rescue' and 'Show me Your Garden'. 


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Feeling green? Grow Wild This Spring!

Hey Together TV viewers! Need some gardening inspiration at the turn of the season? Spring is just around the corner and we want to make sure you’ve got the tips you need to get your garden in bloom. We know how much you love our gardening shows, so we want to highlight something for all our back-garden enthusiasts.

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