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Together TV is the leading broadcaster for social change. We run a national TV channel and digital platform which help people find inspiration to do good in their lives and communities. We are the only national channel in the world owned by its membership community. This enables us to deliver our unique ethos as a broadcaster. 

Together TV is owned by The Community Channel, a charitable Community Benefit Society. We fund our work through commercial income, contra contributions from the media industry, grants and donations. We have delivered innovative and impactful projects that have engaged millions of people with funders including National Lottery Community Fund, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and the Gates Foundation. We are always looking for partners to run projects with across our TV and digital channels along with wider engagement with people and communities across the UK. 

Over 300 shareholders and donors have been amazing in supporting the channel's growth so far. Their pledges have enabled us to continue broadcasting and changing lives across the United Kingdom. 

Download the Group Report and Financial Statements - 31st March, 2022

Facebook HQ - January 2018

Members' role

All Members agree to participate in general meetings and take an active interest in the operation and development of the Society and its business. Members have a duty to respect the confidential nature of the business decisions of the Society. The membership committee relays and represents the views of the Community Benefit Society (CBS) members to the CBS board and channel team, and vice versa, being the co-parent for the optimisation of communications between all groups. Its role is to represent the members’ views regarding the CBS’ governance and the quality of its output, and convey the members’ ideas and concerns to the CBS board and team. The Membership and Fundraising Committee also ensures Members have a clear understanding of the operational challenges and opportunities in running the CBS.

What being a Member means

Being a Member at Together TV includes access to a dedicated newsletter, which features our latest news from the channel, including upcoming documentaries and shows. Members are invited to our exclusive events, which have previously been held at the House of Lords, BBC Radio Theatre and Facebook HQ. Also, Members get access to some of the most exciting TV content ahead of broadcast. More than anything else, being a Member of Together TV means being part of a TV channel that is a force for good.

Interested in being a Member? We are currently not open to new Shareholders, but you can now be notified when Together TV will open the scheme again. Express your Interest here >> 

For more details about our Members, get in touch: [email protected]

House of Lords - May 2018 

In 2016, Together TV ran a crowdfunding campaign which you can learn more about here: 2016 crowdfunding campaign

Our League of Awesome 

Sky, Big Lottery Fund, Barrow Cadbury Trust, Media Trust, Stephen Brenninkmeijer, Caroline Diehl, Alex Graham, Miles Morland, Christian Okoli, Sammy Simmans, Social Investment Business, Unltd, Peter Breslin, Andrew Bush, Samantha Frankell, Guy Giles,Rosie Hayes, Jan Keeling, Colin King, Tom Jones, John Ryley, Michael Finchen, Jane Mote, Jane Reed, Rachel Bidwell, Katie Bourn, Steven Gaspa, Rupert Howell, Philip Kirkpatrick, Marjorie Pearson, Matthew Rawson, Jorg Roth, Paul Sternberg, Yournewsuktv, Christopher Zaremba, Rachel Bidwell, Katie Bourn, Steven Gaspa, Rupert Howell, Philip Kirkpatrick, Marjorie Pearson, Matthew Rawson, Jorg Roth, Paul Sternberg, Nicholas Biggs, Howard Buck, Michael Cunningham, Andrew Dunlop, Stephen Green, David Gold, Simon Glynn, Derek Hazell, Roy Heath, Michael Holt, Hazel Hurst, Linda Kann, Parminder Jutla, Dave Lukes, Colin Archibald, Peter Brightman, George Brock, David Chapman, G.R. Connely, Tom Davidson, Rowena Johnson, David Floyd, Fergus Lawson, Mark Leruste, Jeremy Lockspeiser, Thomas Martin, Steven Meacher, Peter McFadden, Gary Merry, Arne Möller, Deborah Munro, Terri Murray, Angela Newell, Michael Norton, Parool Patel, Adam Perry, Duane Peters, Robert Poole, Paul Reilly, Alison Rooper, Rod Scott-Smith, Ann Smith, Stuart Smith, Juliet Stevens, Jezz Wright, Delisa Walker, Jenny Walton, Helen Williams, Roger Williams, Marjorie Whyte, Patrick Young, Emma Al-Mousawi, Keith and Jane Anderson, Ian Ansell, Mark Benfold, Sarah Benioff, Boo Bennett, Keith Best, Rachel Bidwell, Reshma Biring, Max Blustin, Phillippa Brown, Philip Byford, Derin Cag, Maura Chatterjee, Andrea Clarke, Al Craig, Mary Crowley, Liam Davis, Carol Divitt, Jasmine Dotiwala, Richard Dunn, Rob Dyson, David Eyre, Carol Gazzard, Phil Geraghty, Pam Gill, Alison Gowman, Sally Griffiths, Renee Groeninx, Richard Gutch, Francesca Aita, Clare Parsons, Alison Harper, Paul Harris, Mark Harrison, David Hinchliffe, Christopher Hird, Kevin Honey, Peter Hope, Laura Hopper, Sally Humble-Jackson, Colin Hutcheson, Angela Kolb, Frances Lang, Robert Lindsay-Smith, Richard Lloyd-Jones, Penny Locke, Linda Long, Philip Mallard, Nicky Martyniuk, Heather Matuozzo, Luke Mazenko, Neil Mccartney, Gillian Mciver, Julie McNamara, Joseph Mishan, Caroline Morgan, Peter Murray, Caroline Norbury, Peter O'Brien, William O'Loughlin, Phillipa Owen, Lydia Carlisi, Kamil Pachalko, Julie Peasgood, Joe Pratt, Antony Rathbone, Clothilde Redfern, Shanika Richard-Pope, Rod Rippin, Kenneth Robins, Neil Scrivener, Bryher Scudamore, Andrew Sharpe, Lisa Silver, Ceiteag Sinclair, Phil Sital-Singh, Colette Slack, Derek Smith, Christine Stanley, Danielle Stark, Jess Steele, Sharon Stephens, Fiona Stewart, Peter Stewart, Carole Stone, Jessica Taplin, Bill Thompson, Chrissie Twigg, Linda Tyrer, Robert Walker, Sarah Walpole, Richard Waterworth, Robin Garnett, Muna Wehbe, James Wheelans, Andrew White, Sarahjane Widdowson, Mandie Wilde, Jeff Williams Christopher Yewlett, Philip Turvil and Guy Hands. 



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