Channel your inner good persona quiz

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Grab a pen and paper and make note of the letter of your answer choice. At the end, see which letter you have most of to reveal your personality!

Discover your inner personality and new shows with our Channel your inner good personality Quiz!


Q1: What’s your favourite quote?

A: “Dance to inspire, dance to freedom,  life is about experiences so dance and let yourself become free.

B: Big journeys begin with small steps

C: You cannot truly say you live well unless you eat well.

D: “Nature doesn't make gardens; people make garden, and the story of a garden is always the story of a person.

E: Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly

F: “Don’t stop until you’re proud.”

G: “Love is never wrong."

 H: “Be your own hero."

Q2: What’s your favourite place to be? 

A: Out on the streets making a difference

B: Somewhere I haven’t yet been before

C: In the kitchen cooking up a frenzy

D: Down in the garden

E: A snug reading corner with a thick book

F: At my crafts table

G: Going through my wardrobe to look my best

H: The bathtub, with candles and bath salts

Q3: You’re out for brunch, what are you digging into?

A: Just a cup of coffee

B: A shakshuka or huevos rancheros!

C: A full English including tomatoes and hashbrowns

D: A smoothie bowl please

E: Bowl of cereal or porridge (spoon of peanut butter or Nutella goes a long way)

F: Pancakes with my favourite toppings

G: A rainbow fruit salad 

H: Smashed avocado on sourdough with a poached egg


Q4: You’d be lost without...

A: My twitter account

B: A guide book

C: My favourite recipe book

D: A garden

E: My library card

F: A toolkit

G: Love

H: A routine

Q5: It’s Sunday night and you have to prepare for the week ahead. What are you doing?

A: Double checking my calendar
B: Researching my next holiday
C: Planning my meals and batch cooking
D: Attending to my plants
E: Enjoying the last minutes of the weekend with a great documentary
F: Finishing off some bits and bobs I’ve been doing
G: I’m out with friends having a great time
H: Squeezing in some me time

Q6: As well as amazing.; Which word best describes you?

A: Activist
B: Adventurer
C: Ardent
D: Amiable
E: Analyst
F: Artistic
G: Advocate
H: Assured

Q7: Which animal would you be?

A: Bear

B: Fox

C: Honey Bee

D: Octopus

E: Elephant

F: Dolphin

G: Dog

H: Panda

Q8: What song would you pick?

A: Get Up, Stand Up - Bob Marley
B: American Pie - Don McLean
C: I Got You - James Brown
D: Lemon Tree - Fool's Garden
E: Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen 
F: Fleetwood Mac - Dreams
G: Born this Way - Lady GaGa
H: Feeling Good - Nina Simone

Q9: What’s your favourite sport?

A: Football

B: Hiking

C: Martial Arts

D: Tennis 

E: Olympics

F: Swimming

G: Dancing

H: Running


Q10: How do you greet people?

A: What’s up

B: Bonjour

C: Well, hello

D:  Hi

E: Good morning!

F: Hello

G:  Hiya

H:  Hey there


Q11: Pick a colour:

A: Turquoise

B: Navy

C: Yellow

D:  Green

E: Purple

F: Orange

G:  Fuschia

H:  Royal blue


Q12: When the going gets tough you_____________________

A: Pick yourself up and get back on the horse

B: Take smaller steps

C: Start again

D: Do something else to distract yourself

E: Look at how far you’ve come

F: Push through

G:  Call your friends 

H: Wallow in the feelings until you’re good to go again



Your personality match is…

Mostly A = Activist

Mostly B = Explorer

Mostly C = Cook

Mostly D = Grower

Mostly E = Historian

Mostly F = Maker

Mostly G = Pride

Mostly H = Self 

Activist! You’re passionate about making a change for the better. You deeply care about others' welfare and the next generation. A lot like Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and the Bhangra Boys. You’ll love TV shows like War on Plastic and documentaries like Big Sonia. 


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Explorer! You love trying new things and going to new places. You’re often found planning your next big trip, and you draw inspiration from the world around you. Perhaps like Monty Don, your passion for gardens brings you all over the world or you enjoy exploring your own front garden like Julie Walters in Coastal Railways. 


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Cook! Make way for the chef. You’re often found in the kitchen cooking for your loved ones or baking delightful desserts. Cooking is cathartic and an artistic outlet for you. Like Nadiya Hussain, cooking can be a way to calm yourself or you just think life is worth living for food like Nigella. 


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Grower! You’re a lover of all things that grow. A gardener with the patience of a saint. Your plants are your children and you find solace at the bottom of a garden. Whether you’re more of a garden designer like Charlie Dimmock and Danny Clarke or a horticulturist like Monty Don, learning tricks of the trade is part of the fun.


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Historian! You’re an asset to any pub quiz team. Teeming with important dates and key leaders, your thirst for knowledge seems unquenchable. It might be war history that interests you or even classics, you’ll often be found with your nose in a book - or glued to the screen!


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Maker! You like to work with your hands. You have an incredible eye for detail and a caring nature. It can be big DIY projects like Dick Strawbridge does in Cabins in the Wild or delicate art pieces you craft together. You feel that sense of accomplishment when a project has finished and to a high standard. 


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Pride! You are an ally, a supporter and a lover. All the great things rolled into one. You live your best life and make sure everyone else does too. There’s no space for negativity in your life. When you’re not channelling that inner diva like Aaron Carty as the Beyonce Experience, you’re doing what you can for equality. 


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Inner Self! Aaaand breathe. You are a rooted, self-aware protector for yourself. You know when it's time for some “me time” and aren’t afraid of spending a night in by yourself to rejuvenate. In those times you’ll turn to activities that bring you peace and just like Gok you know that some TLC goes a long way.

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