Channel Your Inner Pride and Activist with these Recommendations

As we launch our brand-new Together TV streaming service, we’re helping you discover your next favourite show - that is now available to binge watch!

Whether you’re more about channelling your inner cook, grower, pride, activist, explorer, historian, maker or self we’ve got shows for everyone.

Are you a passionate person? Often chiming into conversations about the big issues? If you’re an advocate for the people, you might identify as someone who channels your inner pride or activist! Together TV has a plethora of great shows, and we’ve got plenty for you eco warriors and anyone in or an ally to the LGBTQ+ community. Check out programmes we think you’ll love.

Channel your inner pride

Channelling your inner pride is all about feeling comfortable in your own skin and fighting for the rights for others to be too. You are a pride ally, a supporter and a lover. All the great things rolled into one. You live your best life and make sure everyone else does too. There’s no space for negativity in your life. When you’re not channelling that inner diva like Aaron Carty as the Beyonce Experience at UK’s pride, you’re doing what you can for equality.

Programmes we think you’ll love on our streaming service:


This unique documentary shows the life of trans-soldiers in the US, a country where being trans in the army was banned from 1960-2016 and was again restricted during Donald Trump’s presidency. The restriction has now been overturned, however, the stories of people who only want to defend their country, but simultaneously need to defend their gender is moving. A must see for all those who support pride during pride month.

The Beyoncé Experience

Meet Aaron Carty; a policeman turned drag queen. As a black queer ambassador, Aaron holds a weight on his shoulders but wouldn’t change it for the world. Inspired by Beyoncé’s alter ego Sasha Fierce, Aaron found his inner Beyoncé. This short documentary funded by Together TV’s Diverse Film Fund follows Aaron in the run up to his Black Pride performance and what it’s like being the Beyoncé Experience.

Channel your inner activist

Good friends of people who channel their inner pride are those with inner activists. You’re passionate about making a change for the better, it’s no surprise you’re into activism. You deeply care about others' welfare and the next generation. A lot like activists Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and the Bhangra Boys. As an activist, you’ll love TV shows like Hugh’s War on Plastic, uncovering the truths about where our plastic goes, and documentaries like Big Sonia, an icon for standing up for what you believe in and defying all odds.

Programmes we think you’ll love on our streaming service:

War on Plastic

We all know that there is a massive problem with plastic, but do you know how big it really is? Activist and chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Anita Rani tackle big corporations to take ownership and meet families to show how to win the war on plastic.

Big Sonia

If you want a documentary from an inspirational woman then look no further than Sonia Warshawski. A holocaust survivor but mostly an inspiration for changemakers and activists alike, Big Sonia details the life of this fascinating woman.

Bhangra Boys

Activism comes in many forms and for the Bhangra Boys it’s through dancing. This Canadian dancing troupe dances to raise awareness and spread good vibes wherever they go. Guaranteed to get you inspired and filled with good vibes, pop it on for some feel good watching.

The 5 Bhangra Boys dancing on a ledge with the sea behind them

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