Channel Your Inner Maker and Self with these Recommendations

Looking for what to watch next, but unsure of where to start? We’ve got you covered. You can catch all the feel good, positive vibes programmes on Together TV and now completely on demand with our brand-new streaming service. We’ve gone ahead and found your next favourite show depending on whether you're a person that enjoys channelling their inner cook, grower, activist, pride, historian, explorer, maker or self.

In this recommendation list, we’re focussing on those of you out there who love to work with their hands or are into self care - people who channel their inner makers and inner self! It can be appealing to get into a good self care routine, we created self care pillars to help you get started. And whilst you’re taking a rest from your next big project, check our recommendations below and tune into your next favourite show!

Channel your inner maker

Makers know their way around a tool box and are the first person to be called for a DIY helping hand. As a maker, you like to work with your hands. You have an incredible eye for detail and a caring nature. You might be making big DIY projects like Dick Strawbridge in Cabins in the Wild or delicate art pieces. You feel that sense of accomplishment when a project has finished to your impeccable, high standards. 

Programmes we think you’ll love on our streaming service:

James May: The Reassembler (coming 24th June)

An incredibly satisfying series watching Top Gear’s James May reassemble some of our household items from the very nuts and bolts in his shed. Punctured with May’s infamous facts and amusing anecdotes, the reassembler is a great watch for all - but especially great for fellow makers.

Cabins in the Wild

Join Dick Strawbridge and Will Hardie as they check out the contenders for Cabin of the Year. The entries will get you inspired to vamp up your own shed or cabin. If you're near Worcester, pop to the MenShed's ShedFest to see even more impressive creations and where they crown shed of the year on Saturday 25th June. Tickets are free and the event is open to all!

Restoration Man

Architect George Clarke joins the ambitious people restoring historical buildings across the UK. Whether you’re a fellow romantic for large restorations or a cynic, it's amazing to watch derelict buildings such as old pumping stations and schools restored with their historical features and cared for by people who have the passion.  


Channel your inner self 

Channelling your inner self involves prioritising yourself, understanding mental well being and doing what’s right for you. You are a rooted, self-aware protector for yourself. You know when it's time for some “me time” and aren’t afraid of spending a night in by yourself to rejuvenate. In those times you’ll turn to activities that bring you peace and just like Gok Wan, you know that some TLC goes a long way.

Programmes we think you’ll love on our streaming service:

Chris Packham: Aspergers and Me

To channel your inner self requires learning more about the mind. Aspergers is a disorder that affects an individual's ability to negate social settings. For many, Aspergers is still unfamiliar, but with growing public interest, diagnosis is improving even in adults. Naturalist and Springwatch presenter, Chris Packham, was diagnosed at the age of 45. This documentary invites us into his life and living with Aspergers. A very educational insight into a disorder that is generally misunderstood.


Wilderness Walks With Ray Mears

If your happy place involves going on long scenic walks then be inspired by Ray Mears. Along his walks across the rugged UK landscape, he discovers and shares some knowledge about the land we live in. It is teeming with natural remedies, and you will be left feeling rejuvenated.

Easy Ways to Live Well

Activist and chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Steph McGovern try the latest health hacks and fads to see if they actually work. Hacks for improving mental wellbeing, fitness and diet such as using CBD oil for a better night's sleep and ice baths for relaxation. A great way to discover new ways to live well without wasting your time or money.


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