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400 years: Britain and India

Both Britain and India were in very different places 400 years ago and the interactions between both countries throughout the four centuries have come to shape our world today in more ways than one would expect.



A Bipolar Expedition

A 49 year old Midlands businessman Paul Downes hired a castle in Jamaica and invited 12 attractive young Ukranian women to join him.

A Kingdom United

A story of hope and a message to unite the Kingdom. 

Ade In Britain

Join Ade Edmondson, comedian known for the Young Ones and Bottom, as he travels across Britain meeting locals and learning about the diverse cultur

Adrian Chiles: Drinkers Like Me

Adrian Chiles takes a look at his love of boozing, exploring why he and others don't think they are addicted to alcohol but find it almost impossib

Alastair Campbell: Depression & Me

Alastair Campbell candidly talks about his experience living with depression and explores if radical new treatments can make a difference.

All Aboard East Coast Trains

East Coast train employees keep one of the UK's busiest, most complex transport systems on track.


An Outrage

A poignant TV Premiere to mark the Black History Month 2020 on Together TV.

Anthony Bourdain No Reservations

In his most celebrated TV series, Anthony Bourdain visits overseas countries and cities worldwide, where hosts treat him to local culture and cuisine. 


A short documentary that was made during the hight of the pandemic here in the U.K.

Ashley Banjo's Big Town Dance

Ashley Banjo is on a mission to transform Stockton's residents into a dance troupe.



Banging Out Fleet Street...

...Fleet Street Remembered.

Barry the Beekeeper

Barry the Beekeeper is the first short doc from promising director Ikram Ahmed and it is part of the Diverse Film Fund, which was

Battle of Britain

June 1940. Britain stood alone against Nazi Germany.

Big Dreams, Small Spaces

Horticulturalist and gardening icon Monty Don works with amateur gardeners to help them create the outdoor spaces of their dreams.

Black Lives Matter

We Stand Together with Black Lives Matter and have gathered a collection of shows that showcase Black culture.

Bloody Past of a Tiny Town

Keith Hayes reveals that behind the ordinary high street of Lewes, in East Sussex, lies a bloody and violent past.

Boy Soldiers of WWII

The truth behind the boys who lied about their age in order to enlist and fight in WWII, and their shocking stories from the frontline of the most

Britain's Best Back Gardens

Alan Titchmarsh takes us on an adventure through Britain’s Best Back Gardens.

Take a peek into 30 stunning gardens.

Britain's Homeless Mums

Documentary about homeless mums in London

Britain's Most Historic Towns

Professor Alice Roberts ventures across the UK to visit its most historic towns.

British Asian Experience

The season curates feature documentaries that give you an insight into inspiring British Asian stories.

British Wild Gardens

Host Mike Dilger offers advice on attracting wildlife to your garden while exploring different parts of Britain's wildlife.

Brits Rescue Romanian Dogs

If you love dogs you cannot miss this brand new TV series!

Brixton Belongs to Me

Memories of Brixton in the 50s, 60s and 70s from the residents.

BSL: Scottish Islanders

A documentary that explores what life is like for deaf people living on the remote Scottish Islands.



Country House Rescue

Take a peek inside some of the UK's grandest houses as their owners seek help to keep them from falling to ruins. 



Discovering London

Discovering London shows off various tales of London's untold history, always making sure to put the people that were involved at the heart of the tale.


Together offers you here a selection of the quirkiest, funniest, most interesting documentaries we have chosen for you. 



Earth Cycle

Travel writer and journalist Simon Parker goes on a 2,000 mile journey the length of Scandinavia.

Eel Pie Island Hotel

The infamous Eel Pie Island Hotel - tea room, dance hall, music venue and hippy commune.



GameChangers 2021

Throughout the summer, we’re bringing you the GameChangers documentaries: 13 unmissable stories of passion, determination and inspiring extraordina

GameChangers: Anne Frank

Anne Frank: A Tale of Two Sisters is part of Together TV's GameChangers documentaries broadcast every Tuesday evening (and repeated on Saturday) throughout summer 2021.

Gamechangers: Beyond Moving

A stunning film that captures the journey of incredibly talented Siphe November.

Gamechangers: Bhangra Boys

We're ending the GameChangers series with a Bhang! It's Canada's very own viral sensation the Bhangra Boys. The film is a joyous look at culture, immigration, activism and community through the experience of the Maritime Bhangra Group as they dance for charity and into our hearts.

Gamechangers: Big Sonia

Sonia’s story warmed our hearts; and we hope you end it with as much warmth as we did. Sonia Warshawski has inspired thousands as a public speaker with stories of surviving the Holocaust as a teen. At 91 she finds her Kansas Mall shop under threat of eviction. 

Gamechangers: Empowerment Project

In celebration of the all-female focus in front of and behind the camera, the filmmakers turned the cameras on themselves, capturing their transformational journey.

GameChangers: Great Green Wall

Great Green Wall is part of Togeher TV's GameChangers documentaries broadcast every Tuesday evening (and repeated on Saturday) throughout summer 20

Gamechangers: Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson, an African American mathematician, is in every way a real-life outlier, differing from the norm. 

Gamechangers: RFK

This documentary explores what might have been if the beloved Robert F. Kennedy wasn’t assassinated during his campaign for the presidency in 1968.

Gamechangers: She Did That

Be inspired by the empowering black women who have successfully run their own booming businesses.

Gamechangers: Skydancers

Meet the inspiring female aerobatic pilots who had to fight doubly as hard as their male counterparts to be recognised in this sky art. Skydancers portrays some of today's world's best female air pilots during the World Aerobatics Championships in Texas.

Gamechangers: The Women's Army

What do you think you'd feel if you had to fight for equality? Jiyan is a female guerrilla, taking up arms against the Syrian regime by joining the Kurdish women's army and fighting for freedom. It's a fascinating story and has the power to make you think how far you'd go for a cause that's important to you.

Gamechangers: Transmilitary

There are over 15,000 transgender people serving in the U.S. military. They must conceal their gender identity because military policies ban their service. This film tells the story of four individuals who fight to defend the freedom of their country whilst fighting for their own.

Gamechangers: Vigilante

The story of The Guardian Angels, how Curtis Sliwa and his fast-food co-workers took on gang culture of the 1970s New York streets by taking citize

Garden Rescue

Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers are back on Together TV!

God's Lone Country

Farmers can't afford to eat the food they produce. This 12-minute film challenges our rose-tinted images of the rural idyll and reveals the tougher realities of life in rural Britain.

Going Underground: Tales from the Tube

This episode covers the early history of the tube, through the two world wars, 1960s migration and up to the 1980s.

Great British Bike Off

Creating amazing travel adventures in just two weeks has become a bit of an obsession for Graham Hoskins and Tom Woodrow.

Great British Garden Revival

Can Britain once again embrace the iconic garden features and plants that once made our outdoor spaces the envy of the world?



Hairy Bikers

The Hairy Bikers are riding to the rescue of the iconic Meals On Wheels.

Hairy Bikers Comfort Food

The Hairy Bikers return to cook some

Heroes - Black History Month

With the ‘Heroes’ season, we want to celebrate the inspiring stories of past and present black people, whether they were fighting for inclusion, for establishing their rights, dealing with personal grieving or getting to know their own roots in the middle of a hurricane. 

How to lose weight well

Dr. Xand van Tulleken and dietician Hala El-Shafie help dieters tackle the most hyped diets out there.

Hugh's Fat Fight

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is tackling the national health crisis of obesity within the UK. 



Inside Ikea: Flatpack Empire

Everyone's an IKEA fan - whether it's their Swedish meatballs or the games of hide and seek you can play, but how much do you know about the community it has built? This mini-series offers an insight into life at IKEA as it pioneers the way in sustainable business.



Journeys- Stories of Immigration

Stories of migration to South West London 1948-71, from stories from Windrush era onwards.



Kindertransport - Kenneth's Story

Kenneth Appel 92, speaks about growing up as a Jewish child in Nazi Germany and how he was rescued by Britain's Kindertransport programme.

Kitchen Sink to Catwalk

Who says that it's too late to follow your dreams? This is a reality TV show, with a difference.



Life at the Hospice

Meet the professionals, the volunteers, the patients, their loved ones who live and work at the Ellenor hospice in Gravesend, Kent.



Mary's Silver Service

Mary Portas opens an employment agency to put pensioners with great professional skills back into the work place where we can all benefit from their lifetime expertise. 

Mental Health Awareness Week

The week commencing 10th May is Mental Health Awareness week, and this year is dedicated to nature and outdoor.

Mounted Branch

 The series follows officers, grooms and horses as they work to keep Greater Manchester safe.

My Dream Farm

This programme captures the progress of six new farmers in their first year of farming by gardening and farming guru, Monty Don.

My Greek Kitchen

Join passionate chef Tonia Buxton on a culinary and cultural tour of some of the most stunning locations in the Greek Mediterranean region.

My London

The My London films shine a spotlight on the work of the small organisations that support migrant and diaspora communities in the Capital.



Nadiya's Family Favourites

Bake-Off winner Nadiya Hussain prepares and shares the recipes for some of her family's favourite dishes and also talks to a few inspiring home coo

Nadiya: Anxiety and Me

Nadiya Hussain sets out to find the cause of her anxiety, exploring the most effective, available treatments.

Nancy Corrigan, Sky Blazer

Nancy Corrigan was originally from Ireland but is best known as one of America's first female pilots.

New Home DIY

DIY expert Dave Wellman is in West Midlands, using reclaimed bricks during a masterclass in old-English brickwork. 17/20

Nine Nights

A short documentary about Caribbean funeral traditions.


No Justice, No Peace

Cries of ‘No Justice, No Peace’ have been heard at Black Lives Matter Protests in all corners of the globe since George Floyd’s murder.



On The Docks

Created by school kids, this is the fascinating story of London dockers' working lives and how the docks shaped their whole communities.

One Man and His Campervan

In this series Martin Dorey takes us around the UK in his classic 1970s campervan to meet growers, fishermen, farmers, larger-than-life local experts and fellow holiday makers.

Opium War

Opium is killing thousands in Myanmar. A local anti-drug group takes on the poppy farmers.

Our Big MS Adventure

A Saatchi & Saatchi ad-man, an award-winning novelist, an actor (daughter of a ‘national treasure’) and a writer/presenter share one life-shatt

Our Land

Our Land is the first short film from aspiring director Alexandra Genova. It is part of the Diverse Film Fund, funded and supporte



Pass On Plastic

A team of women embark on a journey to discover more about the plastics within our oceans and the effect it is having.

Pioneers of Southall

Oral History on Southall pioneers! A wonderful documentary from Digital Works!




A groundbreaking documentary that chronicles the birth of a new movement among paediatricians, therapists, educators and communities, who are using

Ronnie's Animal Crackers

Iconic British comedian Ronnie Corbett shows you just how passionate people are about their pets, such as people who attend Dog Yoga or own 40 cats. 



Sam And Shadow

Even with the restrictions now being relaxed and everything going back to 'normal'.

Secrets of Sex: Age of Pornography

The internet age has revolutionised the porn business. Porn is increasingly accessible and free to view for all.

Secrets of Sex: Aravani Girl

Two boys. One dangerous desire. Two teenagers dream of becoming ladyboys.

Secrets of Sex: Out in Mumbai

Under British colonial rule in 1860, the Indian Penal Code criminalized any sexual acts between consenting adults of the same sex.

Secrets of Sex: Porn On The Brain

Is porn really bad for kids?

Secrets of Sex: Transsexual Stories

Cameras follow five different trans women over a year, charting their lives at various stages of transition.

Secrets of Sex:40 Year Old Virgins

Two virgins, a 29-year-old woman and a 40-something man, take tentative steps toward intercourse when they commit to intensive sex therapy in the U

Superheroes Wear Hoodies

Superheroes Wear Hoodies is a stunning short film from rising star, Jason Osborne.



The Beyonce Experience

The Beyonce Expeirence is the debut short film from Blaise Singh. It is part of the Diverse Film Fund, funded and supported by Together TV. 

The Black Equestrian

The Balck Equestrian is the debut short from upcoming director Sheila Kayuma.

The Dales

Adrian Edmondson looks at summer life in the Yorkshire Dales. 

The Edible Garden

Peas and beans are prolific vegetables but they also look beautiful in the borders.

The Fade

The Fade is a great documentary that explores the lives of four barbers across the world, following their routines and adventures in the UK, America, Ghana and Jamaica, unravelling what the profession means to them.

The Family Farm

Three families with no farming experience spend their summer on Hill Farm.

The Good Cook

Award-winning food writer Simon Hopkinson shares his passion and expertise, drawing on his years of professional experience to create delicious meals.

The Instant Gardener

The friendly Danny Clarke transforms unloved gardens with his stunning garden designs in just ONE day.

The Real Inglorious B*******

Recounting the thrilling story of the most successful undercover WW2 mission - Operation Greenup

The Secret History of British Gardens Promo

Monty Don is back in a series where he uncovers the history of the famous English garden starting from the 17th century.

The Secret History of the British Garden

Monty Don is back in a series where he uncovers the history of the famous English garden starting from the 17th century.

Three In A Bed

Ever dreamed of running a B&B?

Top of the Shop with Tom Kerridge

From going from the kitchen table to bonified business, Tom Kerridge is in the Yorkshire Dales to put artisan food producers to the test by proving


Jeremy Irons sets out to discover the extent and effects of the global waste problem, as he travels around the world to beautiful destinations tainted by pollution.



VE Day Special

Friday 8th May 2020 will mark the 75th anniversary of the formal end of the Second World War in Europe – and there could not be a mor

VE Day Specials

On the 8th May, the UK recognises VE (Victory in Europe) Day.

Vicky McClure: Our Dementia Choir

Bafta-winning actor Vicky McClure starts her search for choir members, meeting people with various types of dementia.



We Are Together TV

Get moved by the stories of viewers who have changed their lives for the better.

Women Pilots of WW2

American women volunteered to become Women Airforce Service Pilots, hoping to fulfil their dream of flying by serving their country during World Wa

WW2: After The War: Finsbury Stories

Finsbury residents survived the London Blitz and they rebuilt Britain after the war.

WW2: After The War: Finsbury Stories

Finsbury residents survived the London Blitz and they rebuilt Britain after the war.

WW2: Escaping The Blitz

Operation Pied Piper was the Government's plan to evacuate all children and many mothers out of urban areas into the countryside at the start of WW

WW2: Lancaster at War

The incredible story of the Avro Lancaster, one of WW2's finest bombers, which played a crucial role in the long and savage campaign to defeat the

WW2: Spitfire Voices

The Supermarine Spitfire is one of the most famous fighter aircraft of WW2.



Yorkshire Dales and Lakes

Explore stunning vistas and rolling hills with The Lakes District community.

Yorkshire's Worst Mining Disaster

The moving story of the almost forgotten Oaks Colliery Disaster of 1866, a twenty-first century community forgotten by politics, and a sculptor cra