Adrian Chiles: Drinkers Like Me

Adrian Chiles and a woman with beer

Some people are not addicted to alcohol, but drink to enjoy some aspects of life. Adrian Chiles explores his own love of alcohol and why him and many others do not think they are addicted to it. Adrian, who drinks almost every day, decides to start a drinking diary and soon finds out his intake is way over the recommended limit.  His big question is whether he needs to quit completely or if he can drink more responsibly.

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As Adrian Chiles discovered, drinking can be more of a problem than might be realised. There are amazing British charities that support people and build awareness of addictions such as Taking Action on Addiction and Aquarius

Just like physical health, your mental health can fluctuate. It is ok to feel depressed, anxious, and generally not yourself. It is normal to have a range of sad and happy feelings throughout the course of a day. Here are some organisations that can provide you with expert advice and support for your mental health. You can also reach out to our team who can directly connect you to an organisation, and we will listen to you. 

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You might also enjoy reading our latest news! Here are 7 ways to kickstart your self care journey, information about the NHS's 'Help!' mental health campaign, and the BEST way to kickstart the new year, or anything else for that matter. 

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Adrian Chiles

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