Great British Menu


It’s never too late to add a bit of creativity to your day! UK’s top chefs come to compete in a life changing competition where innovation is needed in order to win. Each season deals with new themes that competitors must face. Whether it’s making dishes for British personnel returning home from Afghanistan or creating dishes for the Comic Relief charity event, competitors are only limited to how big they can imagine. Don’t miss out on the current season as this year’s theme centers around British innovation where we travel to Wales, Scotland, Central and many other places to find competitors who have just the right spark. Come join, as guest judges Zoe Laughlin, Phil Wang, Ed Gamble, and Carol Vorderman each taste these amazing dishes!

The top chefs across the UK come to compete in a chance to cook at the Great British Menu Banquet. Each episode deals with a new theme the Banquet hosts, and each chef must make sure their dishes tell a consistent story that follows the theme. If they don’t, they can go home by receiving a low score. The Chef with the highest number of points will win the competition.


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