The Instant Gardener

The friendly Danny Clarke transforms unloved gardens with his stunning garden designs in just ONE day. The Instant Gardener is filled with tips that you can apply at home too.

Danny Clarke lying on decking in a turquoise tshirt pointing to freshly planted shrubs in a patch. Behind him is white gravel and two potted plants. On the right is a brick wall. Danny Clarke is holding a round potted shrub and Helen Skelton is petting it and smiliing. Danny is wearing a green mac and has  black greying locs. Helen has blonde shoulder length hair and is weather a leather coat an a blue tshirt. Behidn them is a read bridge wall and a loose lattice fence leaning against the wall. Danny Clarke is smiling open mouth mid-speech and pointing with his thumb behind him. He is wearing a green, turquoise tshirt and a green baclava scarf. He has short greying black locs. Behidn his is a pallet fence and somg lawn. You can see smoke behind him but not the source. There is also a red marquee covering on the right side and houses in the distance.

Danny is also part of our Sunflower Challenge, a 12 week journey where Danny shows you how to turn sunflower seeds into radiant sunflowers. Learn more about our sunflower challenge here >>

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