You Are not Alone: Together TV supporting vulnerable people

You relied on us in the first lock down, you can rely on us this time too. You Are Not Alone; Let's face this Together.

If you are self-isolating we can help connect you with your nearest Mutual Aid group to find the support you need.

Our help line continues to run for those seeking assistance or looking for a friendly chat, find details of how to contact us here.


We launched our You Are Not Alone campaign in March 2020 with the hopes of assisting those needing support; whether it be finding a local Mutual Aid group for someone vulnerable or having a friendly chat. Partnering with Mutual Aid UK and Public Health England, we created the UK’s first searchable Mutual Aid Map, connecting those who were self-isolating with those who could provide help. 

We launched a unique help line which allowed us to directly connect with those in need across all four nations and  connect them to their nearest Mutual Aid group. We were overwhelmed by the number of people reaching out for help, thanks to the brilliant Mutual Aid groups across the country, we were able to actively help thousands of vulnerable people. In April alone we received hundreds of phone calls and had over 20,000 people using our interactive mutual aid map. 



Having a positive impact on people's lives, whether big or small, has been extremely rewarding for all of us here at Together TV. Above you can see feedback from vulnerable people who we have assisted across the country; it has been great to speak to so many of our viewers and to connect them with the help they need. We hope that our You Are Not Alone campaign continues to be a useful source of aid to those in need throughout this difficult time.



We recognise that the pandemic has not only physically affected countless people, but it has also harmed the mental health of millions of Britons. Our Together For Good community is a space where we continue to remind our audience that You Are Not Alone, and that we are in this Together, For Good! 


You can unlock your new hobbyimprove your wellbeing and join our friendly Together For Good community, today! 

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