Stuck at home? You're not alone!

Times of crises can make us feel like we need to look out just for ourselves - but we know we should stick together and support one another.

Knowing that some of us may not be able to leave our homes and certainly not go very far, Mutual Aid UK is gathering all the new local groups to support those most in need. 

Are you looking for help? Are you able to offer help?

The map below will help you find Mutual Aid groups near you - on Facebook, WhatsApp or Nextdoor.

Zoom on the map to see the area of interest. Please note, the arrows on the map just reference the broad area the local group is active in. The map is work in progress, please get back to see more groups added up.

If you can't find a group near you please drop us a line on [email protected] or on WhatsApp on +44.7780.450056.

Do you have a new group to add? Please do so here.

Nobody need be alone. We are in this Together.