Happy Valentines Day! Show Some Love to Mother Earth.

It’s the month of love. This Valentines day we hope you are making time for you and your loved ones, but we want to make sure you make time for the planet as well. We love our planet and want to make sure we take care of it.

You might have watched some of the the Sky Ocean Rescue short films on our TV channel. If you inspired, here are some tips to help us give back to the rock we call home. Follow along as we show you how to be an Ocean Hero!

Refuse, reuse, and recycle

Say no to single use plastics! One of the easiest things you can do to help our oceans is by reducing your plastic usage. We know that plastic can sometimes be convenient. However, there are many other equally convenient and much more sustainable alternatives. Try using paper straws next time you go out for a drink. It still tastes just as good! Don’t forget to bring your own bag next time you do the shopping. Who wants that extra 20p charge anyways? And lastly, try and use glass, metal, or cardboard containers when it comes to water and groceries. Fruit and vegetables have skin to prevent contaminants. No need to replace what mother nature already designed!

Cut your carbon

For some, driving is more than a necessity. We hope you can find a fuel-efficient vehicle to tackle your long commute. Need a bit of extra exercise? Maybe try biking to work. Cycling even just a couple times a week could make all the difference. Check out train routes near you to see if you can hop on board and save a bit of fuel. It’s not just transport you can change to cut down on emissions either. Don’t forget that 15% of emissions are generated in the livestock industry. Cut meat consumption back to three days a week and you’ll be doing great!

Get Hands On

This one is for our true go getters. Did you know that 90% of seabirds are thought to have plastic in their stomachs? You can take there lives into your own hands. Literally! Check your community’s website to see if you can volunteer to help clean parks, beaches, or streets in your community. You can even check out our Do More page for tons of oppurtunities like these.  Not enough time to volunteer? No worries! Just one piece of garbage thrown away can help save an animal’s life. Be sure to always find your nearest recycling or trash bin to get rid of your rubbish so it doesn’t tarnish our beautiful beaches.

You can make a difference

Show a little love this Valentine’s day. We know our viewers have the biggest hearts so after showering you loved ones with x’s and o’s be sure to save some love for Mother Earth too. Thanks to the World Wide Fund for Nature for always looking after our planet and check out their website below for more information on becoming an Ocean Hero.

Also be sure to check out Sky Ocean Rescue's twitter account for tips and tricks for sustainable living.