Save Our Beaches, Be an Ocean Hero!

Only 9% of plastic thrown away will be recycled. The rest will end up in landfills, the ocean, or washed ashore on beaches.

When picturing lush beaches most people think of lounging in the sun while listening to the soft sound of waves spilling ashore. Unfortunately, this reality is changing for so many beaches around the world. The Sky Ocean Rescue campaign is here to raise awareness about plastic use and how we can all play our part in living a healthier earth friendly lifestyle.


You can make a difference

Sky invited some of its VIP customers to witness the harsh reality of how single use plastics are changing the environment. While a shocking sight to see, most of the visitors highlighted the ways that they would change their habits in order to help lessen the epidemic of plastic waste. From metal water bottles to re-usable bags, this campaign highlights what we all can do as individuals.

In February, Sky Ocean Rescue short films will be on Together TV to help raise awareness on this issue.

Campaigns like these help us highlight how we can become a healthier collective as well.  No matter how small the difference, we can all make adjustments to our lives to help support the environment and in turn support our longevity on Earth. Our planet is worth it. If we all take a little time out of each day and ask ourselves what we can do to help the environment, we can truly make the switch to a more sustainable way of life.

Small changes can make a big difference, so next time you are recycling, doing the shopping, or driving to work ask yourself what you can do to help the planet.

Be an Ocean Hero

Want to step up and make a change? Take Action and become an Ocean Hero here. Check out tips and tricks, sustainable goods and inspiring stats on how far we've come so far at cleaning up our oceans.



Check out Sky Ocean Rescue's twitter feed here for updates on climate news and tips as to what you can do to live a plastic free life. Join the cause with the tag #passonplastic.


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