Feeling green? Grow Wild This Spring!

Hey Together TV viewers! Need some gardening inspiration at the turn of the season? Spring is just around the corner and we want to make sure you’ve got the tips you need to get your garden in bloom. We know how much you love our gardening shows, so we want to highlight something for all our back-garden enthusiasts.


In case you haven’t heard of Grow Wild yet, they’re an organization that’s all about giving back to the community - that sounds awfully familiar... Instead of awesome programming like Together TV, they run great campaigns all centred around making neighbourhoods just a little greener.  They’ve got a couple new campaigns going that we want to share with you. We also want to highlight a couple of our favourite gardening programmes so you can stay informed this Spring. 

Step outside

We love the jaw dropping vistas of ‘Yorkshire Dales and Lakes’ and the rolling hills of ‘Farm Life.’ Wherever you are, nature is only a short walk away. Even for us city dwellers our parks, rivers, gardens, and canals can provide us with a much-needed escape from the busy city life. Grow Wild wants to remind you that you can always take a nature quest. Have a quiet meditation as you check out the green life around you. For some tips on how to get the most out of your nature quest check out the page below.



Start growing in your community

Need to add a little colour to your area? Well Grow Wild has the perfect thing. They’re looking for inspired growers who enjoy livening up their neighbourhoods and communities. Love shows like ‘British Wild Gardens’ and ‘Great British Garden Revival’? Click the button below to get some great advice on how to start growing in your community.


Are you feeling creative?

Ashley Banjo turned his art into inspiration in our show ‘ Ashley Banjo’s Big Town Dance.’ Grow Wild has an opportunity for you to do the same! If you’re passionate about the UK, art, and nature, Grow Wild has got a great new campaign. They’re helping fund creative projects throughout the UK that relate to native plants and fungi. If your age 14-25 or know someone who is and would like to participate, click the link below to see if you could receive £500 funding for your project.



Our favourite shows

In case you haven’t guessed yet, we do love our gardening shows. As it just so happens, we’ve got quite a few. Some of them are on almost every week! Be sure to check our channel guide and our YouTube channel to find clips of your favourites or discover a new show!




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