And… action! It’s LGBT+ History Month

In the UK, the first ever LGBT+ History Month began in February 2005 as a way to bring attention to LGBT people and their history, and has continued on since. The month-long celebration is full of different events, activities, and educational opportunities to help raise awareness about the civil rights of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) people and to bring LGBT+ people together to greater expand the community. The LGBT+ History Month charity works hard to get this history into the educational system, and a dedicated month aids the campaign.

Each year, the LGBT+ History Month has a different theme. This year Schools Out, the founders of LGBT+ History Month, wanted to spotlight the contributions made by LGBT+ individuals in the television and film industry who work behind the camera, such as writers, directors, producers, hair and makeup artists, set designers, and so on.

Behind the Lens is the official theme of the historical month and is a theme meant to focus on the LGBT+ people who aren’t often seen in the media or on camera, but are still people who play equally as crucial roles in the making of television and film.

LGBT+ History Month is for everyone and it is important to learn about areas of history that haven’t yet made it into our mainstream education. Spend this month learning about histories of the LGBTQ+ community and its members.

There are loads of events happening throughout the month to make it even easier for you.

  • The Cinema Museum in London will be hosting multiple screenings of films directed by LGBTQ+ individuals. Each night will start at 7pm, with a small introduction, transition into the screening of the film, and will end with a Q/A, and a chance to network, by around 10pm.
  • Or oStem Inc. is hosting a UK regional conference called STEM, LGBTQ & You to help connect people in the LGBTQ+ community who are interested in/currently working in STEM. The in-person and online event will also hold a panel discussion with a variety of different speakers.

You can find all events on the LGBT+ History Month events calendar.

And once you’ve learnt something new, teach someone else! Learning is all about sharing knowledge and this month, share knowledge on the histories of the LBGTQ+ community and its members. It’s important to have conversations and speak out about human rights. Check out our resources on healthy relationships and also mental wellbeing for further reading.

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