5 Inspiring LGBTQ+ Stories for LGBT+ History Month

Up for a binge on some LGBTQ+ films? You’re in the right place! The 2023 theme for LGBT+ History Month is Behind the Lens. The theme encourages us to look behind the lens and hear the inspiring stories within the LGBTQ+ community. Luckily for you, as allies of the community, we have five short films centering around the LGBTQ+ community and created by fabulous queer creators too. Discover our Diverse Film Fund LGBTQ+ short films below, which are available to stream now, and celebrate these incredible stories on queer lives today for LGBT+ history month.

Mermaids Really Do Exist

Still from Mermaids Really Do Exist where mermaid Catriona is wearing her turquoise mermaid tail and sitting on a rock in the sea

To some people, mermaids are a mythical sea creature, but to others within the LGBTQ+ community, the water is where they feel most at home. The mermaid community is a special community that allows people within the LGBTQ+ community to feel welcome and form instant friendships. Watch Mermaids Really Do Exist so see how mermaiding is a peaceful escape from the complicated real world, and serves as a strong LGBTQ+ support system, especially for those lacking a safety net to fall back on at home.

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Always, Asifa

Still from Always, Asifa. Asifa is ddressed in drag with long black wig and a chainmail golden bralette with dangly earrings. She is walking on the street surrounded by people celebrating pride

Trans female, South Asian, Muslim, disabled, these are just some of the intersections for drag queen Asifa Lahore. Drag for Asifa reaffirms her identity as a woman, and empowers her as she sits on the intersections of so many identities. Always, Asifa is an inspiring story of how one woman breaks boundaries through gaining her power in femininity and sexuality through drag. Especially as a person and a woman of colour making her happy and at peace in her community.

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Come Out Fighting

Still from Come Out Fighting where transboxer Jill is topless during a pride parade with the message "Trans athlete" written across his chest

Embracing yourself in the gym is a common practice for many, but in Come Out Fighting we are introduced to the need for increased space within the queer community. This short film follows a gay trans man and how he was able to continue his love for boxing through joining an LGBTQ+ boxing gym. Putting on boxing gloves can make anyone feel strong, but sometimes hypermasculinity may overshine that feeling. Watch how the LGBTQ+ community is taking matters into their own hands to make space for queer sports in the UK.

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Love, Dad and Daddy

Still from Love, Dad and Daddy. Ross Adams is facing the camera and high-fiving a child who's back is towards us. Ross is smiling

LGBT+ History month is all about embracing love in all different forms. However, love can be familial as well as romantic. For many gay couples, adoption is a fulfilling opportunity to start a family, but sometimes adoption plans go a different route. In Love, Dad and Daddy, follow Hollyoaks actor Ross Adams and his story about giving a child a loving home after an adoption complication.

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The Beyonce Experience

Still from the Beyonce Experience. Aaron Carty is getting his hair styled by two women in drag as Beyonce.

Everyone loves Beyonce and the boundaries she has broken for the Black community worldwide. In The Beyonce Experience, drag queen Aaron Carty, a former gay Black police officer puts on an iconic performance as Beyonce for UK Black Pride. Aaron is passionate about the young queer POC community getting the visibility they deserve. And with courage and confidence, Aaron breaks barriers through embracing intersectionality and differences.

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