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Header image for Diverse Film Fund 2022 with LGBTQIA+ progressive flag colours and a photo of Blaise Singh, a Diverse Film Fund alumni on set for his film Beyonce Experience at Black Pride.

The 2022 Diverse Film Fund supported four filmmakers with up to £20,000, mentorship and training to create 20-minute short documentaries on Queer Lives Today.

The films illuminate the resilient stories of the LGBTQ+ community. Discover more about each film below.




By Shiva Raichandani

Asifa the muslim, trans drag queen is wearing a sequin and fringe gold bikini top. She has long gold earrings and an elaborate choker necklace on. She has long black hair and dra make up on. She is looking down with her mouth open as she sings and dances. The scene behind her is a street of people walking in both directions lined by London buildings.

As Asifa prepares to finally undergo gender affirmation surgery, the disabled trans activist, who is also Britain’s first out Muslim drag queen, reflects on how her life has - and hasn’t - changed during her transition. With Asifa having featured previously in documentaries on Channel 4 and the director, Shiva Raichandani, having reached the semi-finals of the 2017 edition of Britain’s Got Talent with the London School of Bollywood, there is an abundance of flair and creative pedigree to show these two really can talk the talk, and walk the walk.


Come Out Fighting

By Tom Gaisford

Jill from Come Out Fighting is at a Pride parade. He is smiling at the camera with his arms raised showing of fhis muscles. Written on his chest in black marker is "Trans Athlete". He is wearing a bucket hat and black shorts as well as boxing glvoes. Around him people are walking the opposite direction waving rainbow banners.


 Jill, a gay trans man, prepares mentally and physically to step into the ring for his next boxing bout- finding strength in an emerging LGBTQ+ fight community to square up to old attitudes and challenge a current ban on trans boxers. This knockout documentary provides a ringside seat to the intimate journey of a trans athlete, at a time when trans access to sport makes headlines worldwide.


Love, Dad and Daddy

By Ross Adams

Ross Adams the director of Love, Dad & Daddy is high fiving a child whose back is to us. We see the child's blong hsort hair. Ross is a white man with short brown hair, stubble weaing a white shirt and a watch on the right hand which he has raised.


Following a painful adoption journey which comes to an abrupt halt, Hollyoaks star Ross Adams explores what can be done to make the system easier for LGBTQ+ adopters. Can he find the strength to go through the process again? In a system where resilience is essential, “Love, Dad and Daddy” sees Ross talking to other adopters in a deeply cathartic personal quest to rediscover his.


Mermaids Really Do Exist

By Anna Mouzouri

A scene from Mermaids Really Do Exist where a woman dressed as a mermaid is sitting on a rock in the sea wearing a blue and green fin, blue bikini top with long brown hair. Its a sunny day with blue skies.

A fun and touching documentary following the aquatic escapades of two queer mermaids, Kaia and Caitriona, as they compete in mermaid relay races and attend mermaid conventions. Expect amazing hairdos, fabulous outfits and under-the-sea action as you sail through an amphibious world causing a real splash.



The Diverse Film Fund is created from the generous donations of people who are passionate about supporting diverse filmmakers and content. Please get in contact if you would like to contribute to the fund via [email protected]

For more information about Together TV's Diverse Film Fund visit the dedicated page. For filmmakers looking to apply for next year's fund or submit a film for review, head to our Filmmakers page

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