Time to get up and move! 'Ashley Banjo's Big Town Dance' on Together TV


Ashley Banjo brings Stockton-on-Tees together through community, friendship, and dance.

The arts can bridge the gaps between us. They can show us the world in museum halls, theatre seats, and even on our own couches watching evening telly. We all experience art together. We collaborate, we meditate, and we experience. It’s a way for us to communicate and share perspectives and ideas from all different walks of life. Art brings us together and there’s no easier way to participate than moving your body through the art of dance. No expenses required! 

Dancer, actor, and choreographer Ashley Banjo sought to do just this in our latest programme “Ashley Banjos Big Town Dance.” The Stockton-on-Tees community needed a rallying cry and Ashley Banjo answers the call. Stockton was facing tough times with business closures and bouts of loneliness and depression in the townsfolk.

To inspire and bring the community together, Banjo forms crews out of public services, education, business, leisure and entertainment, and retirees. Throughout each crew there are so many personal stories of people benefiting from the arts. A charismatic street cleaner gets his time to shine in the public services crew, A headmaster and student move past there difficult school relationship and realize how human they can be, and a group of aspiring amateur dancers get the opportunity they’ve been dreaming of.

We want our viewers to find their inspirations just like Ashley Banjo inspired all of Stockton-on-Tees. The touching stories of the Stockton citizens are here to remind us of all the ways we can come together. As communities and as human beings we need to be reminded of our similarities as opposed to our differences. We all move our bodies in different ways but no matter how we move, dance is something we can all share.

Watch 'Ashley Banjo's Big Town Dance' on 25th Feb. at 2pm