These Four Communities Will Show That We Are Better Together

In October 2023 Together TV launched its community film initiative, Better Together. This initiative invited filmmakers to submit their films about community to be broadcast on Together TV. Four fantastic short films were chosen to be shown throughout February 2024:

The four films chosen not only speak on community, but how the communities we are a part of can inspire us to reach our potential, follow our dreams or work together to create a change. Through art, gardening and poetry these films teach us the importance of community and how it can inspire. When we help each other to see our full potential that is when we reach ours. Take a look and consider which community you’d love to be a part of and maybe find some inspiration to kick start your local hub.

A community created through art


There are many communities for a wide range of people. Arts for All is a community creative charity that works with people to build their confidence and inspire them. They work with adults and children with learning disabilities, and have made an environment for them to create art and talk to other people with learning disabilities. Many of the interviewed adults have said that one of their favourite things that Arts for All has given them is the people that they get to talk to. It is a safe space where many of the individuals have the freedom to be who they want to be and make what they want to make.

Caroline Barlow who runs Arts for All says “If you bring an element of creativity into someone else’s life, no matter what’s happening in their life, you can literally turn things around for that person.”

Members of Arts for All like Caroline Barlow, are the type of people that help individuals inspire to be their best. She has created a community for people with learning disabilities to have a space to connect with each other. Barlow also gives everyone who shows up the freedom to make whatever they want. Together the members of the community are allowed to share their artwork with each other and inspire those within their community. Once the day is over, the members of Arts for All have the opportunity to take home their creations to inspire others outside of their community.

Community turns an alleyway into a mural

Some art is made for the artist, and some is made for the viewers. The citizens of Cowley, East Oxford, in 2023 noticed that their abandoned alleyway was causing a dampened mood in the community. Together it was decided that a change needed to happen. The idea of creating the mural inspired many community members to start helping out, whether they were planting flowers or coming up with ideas for the mural. Once the design came together the artist, Lisa Curtis started to paint the alleyway wall.

The mural consists of animals and plants in bright colours. After the alleyway was finished, it created a lively walking area where the community could pass by. As the community gathered to see their own little piece of the community forever up on the wall, they would talk to each other about the amazing thing they all created together.

The once empty alleyway is now filled with joy, bright colours, and the joyous sounds of all who walk through. All it takes is a little paint, a community coming together and big dreams to create a memory that will be remembered forever. The weather is getting nicer and a walk through Flower Lane might be a good way to spark your creativity and inspire you to create a project of your own.

Growing produce leads to a growing community

People can grow fruit and veg, but they can also help each other grow! The Better Together film Growing People, Not Produce is about how one project can have an impact on different members of the community. The seven-year-old Cookham Allotment is a community garden where a mix of generations join together in maintaining the area. While there are experienced gardeners onsite, they also welcome beginners.

The allotment is a place where everyone can come and be inspired to help and learn how to garden. Even the little ones who have just learned how to walk are getting their steps in by helping out! The location of the allotment is unique allowing passersby to be inspired to join in as it is on a playing field in the centre of the community.

At the end of the day, the thirsty, hardworking resident gardeners get together for a drink and a small bite made with the allotment’s harvest, allowing them to taste all their hard work. The community allotment allows everyone to come together, work together and then once the working day is done, to socialise together.

Whether it is your first time or one hundredth time, try joining an allotment, the community is always ready to welcome more people and inspire you to grow.

Young K&C inspires youth to follow their passions

Poetry is a form of art that has been used to tell many stories. Young K&C, the self-titled film by Shauna Paul, uses poetry in their film for Better Together to tell the story of helping inspire the youth after the Grenfell fire. Young K&C is a partnership that gives local youth support. They work in London’s Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and supports charities and nonprofit organisations. Their goal is to work with the youth through music, sports or plain old chit-chat in hope to inspire them and let them see all that they can do. There are dance classes, football matches, game sessions and more opportunities to allow the kids to try all the things they want and be inspired to try new things and progress in what they are passionate about.

The film also honours the lives of those that were lost in the Grenfell fire. The children under Young K&C’s wing can feel empowered and happy in times when things might not be.

When we allow young people to see how bright the future can be we are creating a brighter future for ourselves.

Find communities to inspire you

Better Together came from the idea of Together TV wanting to find stories about communities. The communities that surround us and support us are the communities that will inspire us to learn and eventually grow. If you want to start your own inspiring community, the first step is to find people with similar interests to you. Whatever you are interested in there is a community out there for you!

Just like how Arts for All, the Flower Lane Community, the Cookham Allotment, and Young K&C found their communities, you can too. You can create a community garden or cook for the community with food from your garden. If you are interested in art or sports there are plenty of clubs and groups who are waiting for you to join.

Remember to also inspire those who need it by creating safe spaces for them. There is so much that you can do to create or start a community. It might be in your park's playing field or a little further away. Go out, explore, find your community, and see how we can be Better Together!

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