A silent companion...Epilepsy and me.

How hard is it for a young woman of 24 to live moments in her life when she completely loses track of who she is and what she is doing? 

Nobody knows how to cure it. Epilepsy for some could mean a complete loss of control. Amy needs to be watched 24 hours a day. Independency is hard in this condition.

‘Medication is a big part of my life’. Every day, Amy needs 65 different tablets. ‘I never know when my seizures are gonnahappen’. Since Amy was diagnosed with epilepsy as a child, she had to have constant supervision.  What she wants most? ‘To live independently, and have a job’.

'Epilepsy and Me' is the new documentary on Together. In this film about people who have extreme epilepsy, where seizures can be a daily occurrence and they must be watched 24 hours a day. It follows four people at a crucial point in their lives when their futures are being decided. What happens when people can't see your disability? It's hidden and can strike at any time, without warning - when you're walking down the street, in a classroom, at a party or on a date. How can you grow up and lead an independent life when you can never be left alone? 

On Saturday at 9.30pm. Repeats on Sunday the 25th at 9.30pm.

Together is on Freeview 93 | Sky 173 | Virgin 269 | Freesat 164 | live streaming on TVPlayer.


Here some useful information on how to help when someone has a #seizure by the Epilepsy Society:



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