Sex Secrets: Healthy Sex and Relationship Resources

Here at Together TV, we aspire to encourage positive change in the lives of our viewers, for you to stay happier and healthier. And a happier life also means healthy relationships.


Below you can find an assortment of resources for supporting healthy relationships with yourself and other people. These resources are specially collected for the viewers of our Sex Secrets series that run in the evenings on Together TV. 


Quality Relationships Resources

The Relationships Alliance is a group of four charities specialised in supporting good quality relationships:

  • Relate: a provider of relationship support, for all ages, backgrounds, sexual orientations and gender identities to strengthen their relationships. It is not necessary to be in a romantic relationship to reach out. 
  • One Plus One: a research charity that aims to strengthen relationships for couples, families, communities and workplaces using evidence based training and digital resources.
  • Marriage Care: specialised in offering relationship education resources, marriage preparation services and relationship counselling to all.
  • Tavistock Relationships: specialised in therapeutic and psycho-educational approaches to supporting couples


Every relationship is different. However, everyone deserves and requires a healthy relationship. IDAS identified 5 fundamental elements of a healthy relationship:

  • Respect - Understanding that people should feel free to be themselves, having their views listened to, feeling valued and to also give respect back.
  • Equality - being part of decision making and being treated fairly.
  • Compassion - being cared for and treated with kindness.
  • Trust - being believed, trusting each other and feeling good about yourself.
  • Consensual - not being pressured into doing things you don't want to do, feeling comfortable in saying 'No'.


If you feel that some of these elements are not being met, please refer to IDAS' additional resources on healthy relationships or contact them for guidance.


Gender and Sexuality Support Resources

On our TV channel, we broadcast a number of documentaries regarding gender identities and LGBTQ+ themes. We understand that you may have been affected, and you might want guidance on your own gender identity or seek support for a close relation.


The organisations below have regional and topic specific charity directories that offer support, trans awareness, rights advocates and more:

  • All About Trans' Support Organisations are listed per topic ranging from general support to trans awareness training and activism.
  • TransEDU's Organisations & Communities has identified top charities and grouped them by country.
  • Stonewall created an interactive map to easily find local support. Stonewall has a wealth of advice, support and resources on its own site too.
  • Mind curated a list of charities that offer mental health support for individuals struggling with their identities. 


In addition, we previously published resources regarding Transexual Stories - do you need help? and Call me Dad - can a violent man change?.


All of the sites listed in this page offer phone support or even texting. If you are struggling, have questions or need support, we sincerely encourage you to reach out.

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