Sahida and the inspiring beauty of British Asian Experience

How can a British Asian single mum, victim of domestic abuse, build a new life for herself and her daughters and become a successful business woman, owner of many beauty salons in the UK? 

Sahida has not always been into make-up. Before starting this business from scratch, she worked for the Council as a Housing Officer for almost 20 years. But a violent marriage and her determined way to redeem herself were the fuel to make her way up towards independence and success. 

And she doesn't only prepare women to become beautiful brides. She also runs training courses for aspirants make-up artists. With 68% of British Muslim women inactive in the marketplace, the single mum's courses offer a culturally acceptable way to work. She says "I do get worried. Sometimes I think I'm biting more than I can chew. But in life you need to take risks, affordable risks. And sky is the limit". 

Sahida's journey is just one of the inspiring stories on 'Bradford City of Dreams', also part of the British Asian Experience season available throughout the month on Together. We are looking into the British South Asian history, with the passion and inspiring British Asian Stories of today. The season curates feature documentaries that gives you an insight into what the community had faced, the struggles fought and the identity that has been paved. Celebrate the facets that make British South Asians proud to be British. Check out all the entertaining and exclusive content we have lined up here>>

With this season, we want our viewers to learn about other cultures and be inspired to connect with others, no matter the background. We are teaming up with Neighbourly to get our viewers involved here>>

We are also glad to see how British Asian Trust applauds British Asian Experience as a way of promoting diversity and inclusion: 

We are working with the BBC to bring the stories of British Asians to screen throughout August. 


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