Panjabi Wrestling - Why can't girls wrestle?

To commemorate International Women's Day, Together brings you a brand new documentary about the history of wrestling for the Sikh community.

The UK TV Premiere, put together by two remarkable young girls and produced by Digital Works, is centred around a sport traditionally dominated by men.

"Panjabi Wrestling" showcases the rich culture and tradition of wrestling that has been hand down over the centuries and made its way from India to the UK thanks to the wave of immigration during the 1960s. 

10 to 15 years back, it was practically unheard of for Sikh families to get their daughters to pursue wrestling. Today, many aspiring Panjabi women are coming forth to join the men in wrestling clubs.

"Why can't girls wrestle?" - Bachan Kaur, wrestler

For Bachan Kaur, this is the simple question that kickstarted her journey in wrestling. At the time, a hindi film helped promoting women's wrestling in India and encouraged many women to take up the sport that was traditionally dominated by men. No matter your gender, wrestling allows untap your potentional and boost your confidence as the women's wrestling scene is rapidly growing today. Who says only men can wrestle? "Now school boys are scared of her" - Manpreet Kaur

Watch Panjabi Wrestling on Together, Saturday the 9th at 9pm

On Freeview 89, Sky 173, Virgin 269, Freesat 164.

To learn more about the history of Panjabi wrestling, click here>>





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