A life of crime: At Home with the Noonans

'At Home with the Noonans' is a documentary following the lives of Dominic Noonan and his family. Dominic Noonan is a Manchester crime lord who has been in and out of prison throughout his life. This documentary follows his journey over 10 years, in and out of jail, as well as looking at the lives his family. Will his son Bugsy follow in his footsteps and turn to a life of crime?

How have the family coped with the loss of Dominic's older brother Dessie Noonan, notorious in the Manchester's crime world too? It's said together they are behind 25 unsolved murders. Dessie Noonan was a hitman and a crime boss before he was stabbed to death by a drug dealer in 2005. Dominic continued with his criminal ways after the loss of his brother, taking over the criminal empire they had built up together.

Dominic Noonan is different from other gangsters: not only he's a devoted catholic, he also has a 'police business' that he set up in town as one of his many business ventures. At no point has any desire to give up his crime ways even when he fears his son might turn out the same. Bugsy Noonan has grown up in the same Noonan household that has been used as a make shift brothel crawling with all kinds of dark characters around him. So, with no real father figure around, it seems inevitable that Bugsy turns out like his father. Can his friends and mother avoid that? 

Meet some interesting characters and get some real-life insight into the world of Gangsters and what their colourful lives entail in this insightful documentary. Get to know what happens to the family of criminal Dominic Noonan and how it affects the lives of those who are around him. Hear the personal thoughts and feelings of the characters and how they ultimately turnout. 

Catch the Noonans on Together at 9.30pm on weekdays. 


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