Kitchen Sink to Catwalk: The Finale

After five nail-biting weeks of controversial makeovers, tears, body hang-ups and glamorous photo shoots, the inspiration reality TV series Kitchen Sink to Catwalk concludes this week.

Friday’s episode, the runway showdown will be like no other as, Karen Seeberg, 45, Christine Reed, 47, Micki Baxter, 53, Sam Hughes, 44, Jazmine Labana, 44, and Angie Drake, 52 battle it out to win the prestigious prize – a professional modelling contract and a magazine fashion spread.

The women take their final bow in front of friends and family as well as fashion mentor Scott Henshall, catwalk coach Vernon Francis, top celebrity hair stylist Errol Douglas, and Models1.

Who will be crowned the winner? 

Don’t miss the finale of Kitchen Sink to Catwalk on Friday 16th March at 10pm. 

Comments (5)

  1. Anonymous 8 months 3 weeks ago

    Who won kitchen sink to catwalk

  2. TogetherTVAdmin 8 months 2 weeks ago


    you are very welcome to find out yourself! Kitchen Silk to catwalk is now scheduled on our channel throughout the day. Please go to the TV Guide page to find when you can watch the next episode!



  3. Lavon 2 months 2 weeks ago

    Stunning quest there. What happened after?

    Good luck!

  4. TogetherTVAdmin 2 months 2 weeks ago

    Hi Lavon,

    you'll be able to know soon: it is meant to be back in December! Please feel free to sign up to our newsletter to know more:

  5. Anon 6 months 20 hours ago

    The age of the winner is under 45

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