Hobbies for Good: 5 benefits of discovering a new past-time!

Many of us are spending more time at home than ever before; but how can we use this extra time for good? Well, Together TV wants to help you find a new interest or hobby that will bring you a multitude of benefits. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the value of hobbies below to see for yourself!


  • Physical Wellbeing– Whether you spend the weekend in the garden or the kitchen, taking up a hobby which gets you standing up or moving about can contribute to your overall fitness and mobility. Public Health England advises that our physical health has a big impact on how we feel, so keeping our body active in whatever way we can is definitely a big postitive for our overhall health!


  • Mental Wellbeing– Even if your new hobby involves less standing up and more sitting down, any activity can contribute to your mental wellbeing. Keeping our brains active and stimulated is so valuable for mental health, especially in times when you may find more spare time on your hands. The new NHS 'Every Mind Matters' campaign stresses the importance of hobbies and activities for maintaining your mental health, so whether it's re-discovering an old passion or getting inspired to try something new, you'll be doing yourself a big favour!


  • Boosting Confidence– Learning how to make your favourite cake, finally seeing your petunias in bloom, finishing a challenging book; completing any of these tasks can really give your confidence a boost. You’ve followed through with your intentions and achieved something meaningful, confirming to yourself you are capable, worthy and able! Who knows, maybe this new-found confidence will also help you excel in other areas of your life.


  • Feelings of fulfilment– As well as a confidence boost, giving your downtime a purpose can genuinely give you a greater sense of achievement. As you feel more accomplished with a new hobby, this can add to your overall feelings of fulfilment and contentment. Why not start keeping a list of your achievements as you develop your new skill? This way you can re-visit your achievements so far whenever you need to boost your mood or motivation!


  • Feeling more connected – No matter what activity you take up, there is always a wider community of others with the same interests out there. By trading experiences, you can simultaneously be inspired for yourself and be inspirational to others! Sharing interests with others is a great way to make new friends and get connected either in person, such as at book clubs, or virtually via online interest groups, such as our Together For Good community!


So, what are you waiting for? Discovering a new hobby has never been easier; let us help you find a new hobby today and you will soon be reaping the rewards. We have also gathered our TV stars and experts to help you along your journey with videos, tips and tricks; you won’t be alone on this venture!

Anyone can get involved: discover your new hobby and join the Together For Good community today!



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