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It's more than sharing a meal.

According to the Eden Project's research, 1 in 5 people in the UK have never spoken to their neighbours. Big Lunch is trying to change this by organising a get together for communities on June 1-2. 

By participating in The Big Lunch, you have the chance to meet your neighbours and make new local friendships by sharing a meal, from sandwiches to biscuits! Big Lunch has helped to build strong communities and brought people in neighbourhoods closer together.

Wouldn't it be nice to recognize friendly faces and wave at the people you live next to?

Reduce loneliness and isolation by chatting, laughing or playing with your neighbours to improve your wellbeing and happiness. In 2018, 6 million people joined in on the fun! Make a positive change where you live and form lasting friendships.

Together TV encourages you to help turn your neighbourhood into a community by getting involved in Big Lunch as a way to do more in your day and connect with others! 


Get more information

Whether you want to organise a Big Lunch for your community or join in one, follow the link below to learn more or sign up to get your Big Lunch pack. 


Header image credit: The Big Lunch

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