The Diverse Film Fund 2022 Queer Lives Filmmakers

We are excited to announce the filmmakers of our Diverse Film Fund 2022. The theme for this year's filmmakers is Queer Lives Today. They will receive up to £20,000 to make a short 20 minute documentary on this theme, as well as trainings and mentoring from television's finest.

This year's mentors are TwoFour's creative director David Clews, filmmaker and director Ashley Francis-Roy, Brook Lapping and Zinc Media Group's creative director Emma Hindley, Channel 5/ Paramount's commissioning editor (VP) unscripted Kit Morey, and TV consultant, journalist and broadcaster Steven D Wright

We were impressed will all the applications for this year and we thank everyone who applied. Keep an eye out as we share the journey of our fantastic five:


Ross Adams (he/him)

"I'm passionate about inclusive issue-based storytelling so Together TV's values and commitment to social change really chimed with me. Despite my experience working both behind and in front of the camera, I presumed making my own film would be way out of reach given the fact that I've not directed before. Being told that my application was successful was an unforgettable moment and I feel enormously privileged to be able to share my story with the guidance and mentorship of industry experts. I can't wait to get started!"



Tom Gaisford (he/him)

"Getting backing from the Diverse Film Fund has made my dream of making a film about the community I love seem possible. The funding, mentorship and support attached to the grant feel life changing and Together TV's belief in the film has given me a seed of confidence going into the challenge of being a first-time director."



Alfie Lang (he/him)

"Being a part of Together TV’s Diverse Film Fund has boosted the potential for this story to no end. Personally, I am now more nervous despite my excitement about my role, due to this story being about something outside my personal experience and it will be my first documentary to be broadcast on TV. But without giving too much away, I’m hoping my film will challenge us all as UK citizens, especially those who don’t identify as queer."



Anna Mouzouri (she/her)

"I’m so excited to be able to make this film! This opportunity from Together TV’s Diverse Film Fund means so much to me. I’m honoured to able to represent the queer community through this film, and to work with some amazing mentors and people at Together TV."




Shiva Raichandani (they/them)

"I’m humbled by the opportunity presented by Together TV’s Diverse Film Fund to make a film that will be an important, positive, and hopeful documentation of queer people of colour’s intersectional experiences in the UK."

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