All Aboard for Scenic Strolls: Uncover Britain's Scenic Railways and Rail Trail Groups

If you manage to catch Britain’s Scenic Railways on Together TV this month, you will no doubt also get an itch to find these incredible rail trails. But why stop there? As people flock abroad for summer holidays, we are asking why not treat yourself to a walking staycation instead! As Britain’s Scenic Railways has shown us, the UK has some incredible railway scenery that is easier to find that you might think. Ade Edmondson can show you Yorkshire's beauty in The Dales throughout the summer and Kate Humble's trip to Pembrokeshire in Back to the Land captures the wonderful Welsh coastline.


After train travel, the best way to see the UK is by walking. Channel your inner explorer and be inspired by Ray Mear's and his Wilderness Walks from Dartmoor to Borrowdale, to discover some amazing railway walking routes near you. We know that adventuring can be more fun together, so we have found some free walking groups near you as well as your local Ramblers. Ramblers is Britain’s walking charity, with branches in every nook to encourage walking across the UK. You can join your first Rambler walk for free. 


The walks we will share below have a range of difficulty, so do what feels right. The Ramblers have a variety of Wellbeing Walks which can ease you into walking.  And when you do start walking, consider bringing a friend. Company makes everything better.


Photo of from a walk in the Cheddar countryside with blue skies.Tips for walking

Wear the right clothes

The optimal walking attire is comfortable clothes, good trainers or boots with ankle support is even better. You probably have some perfect walking clothes in your wardrobe, but do not let us stop you from treating yourself to some comfy clothes. Rambler's list some of the best walking gear you can get and regualrly update their website. Aim for clothes that will not restrict your movement and layers are good, because you will definitely get warmer the longer you walk.


Remember to bring water

Whether it is a warm or cool day, please make sure you stay hydrated when you walk and bring a bottle of water. It is important to stay hydrated when you walk to replenish any water you lose through sweat but also to keep your muscles happy.


Start short

Rome was not built in a day, and easing yourself into a new hobby like walking is the best way to go about it. Try to walk a little more in your day-to-day life. Whether that is getting off the bus one stop earlier, walking to the shops or taking the stairs instead of the escalator. Move a little every day and work yourself up to these bigger walks. The Rambler's Wellbeing Walks offer great ways to start walking, so be sure to check them out as they include routes that are between 10 - 90 minutes long. 


Now, pick your region and see what walking adventures you can go on…

South East

Solo Walk

The South East region has some fantastic options for solo walkers. The Flitch Way, maintained by Friends of the Flitch Way, offers a tranquil journey through picturesque countryside. For a mix of history and scenery, head to East Kent Railway Trust and explore disused railways at your own pace. Additionally, Kent & East Sussex Railway's walking trails promise captivating landscapes for your solitary exploration. Alternatively, follow Ray Mear's Wilderness Walks along the Thames Path for a more aquatic walk.


Walk Together

Looking for a group walking experience in the South East? Connect with nature enthusiasts through "Rambling Essex" and "Hythe Ladies Social Club" on Facebook, where you can join fellow walkers on guided outings. If you prefer exploring with a larger community, the "Saturday Walkers Club: London & South East England" organises regular group walks, providing opportunities to make new friends while enjoying the region's disused railway paths.

Flitch Way Walk Map. Photo credit Friends of Flitch Way:

South West

We venture to Saltash in Britain's Scenic Railways to marvel at the final construction of engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel and his monument, the Royal Albert Bridge. Connecting Cornwall to Devon, it's a wondrous piece of 19th century construction and well worth a visit.

Solo Walk

Venture along The Strawberry Line in the South West for a soul-reviving solo walk. This disused railway path offers stunning landscapes and a chance to immerse yourself in nature's tranquillity. You could also retrace Ray Mear's steps in the Wilderness Walk's episode in Dartmoor.

Strawberry line walking route. Image courtesy of Strawberry Line Society


Walk Together

In the South West, walking groups bring communities together to cherish the beauty of disused railways. "Active Cornwall" provides organised walking activities, allowing you to share the experience with others who share your passion for exploration. For those in the Bristol and Bath area, the "Brunel Walking Group" welcomes you to their community outings along disused rail routes.


Photo credit East Suffolk Lines: England

Solo Walk

In the picturesque region of East England, embark on solo walking routes along disused railways. Explore the scenic beauty of Suffolk with "East Suffolk Line Walks," offering picturesque routes to wander at your own pace.


Walk Together

For those seeking company and camaraderie, East England offers vibrant walking groups. Connect with like-minded walkers through "Active Suffolk - Walking," "Norwich Ramblers Norwich Group - Ramblers," and "Central Norfolk Wellbeing Walks." These groups promise enriching experiences while exploring the region's captivating disused railways.



Cornish Coastal Path with pink flowers. Photo credit George Hiles via UnsplashWest Midlands

The Severn Valley Railway is the beautiful scenic railway visited in Britian's Scenic Railways and stunning route to walk or train.

Solo Walk

West Midlands boasts a plethora of rail trails for solo walkers. The "Rail Trails" by Worcestershire Community Rail Partnership offer a chance to relish nature's tranquillity amidst historic walking routes.


Walk Together

Explore the beauty of West Midlands with fellow enthusiasts by joining the "West MIdlands Ramblers Club", "Worcester Rambling Club"  or "Worcestershire Walking Clubs." For a diverse and free experience, "Walking and jogging routes in Birmingham" organised by Birmingham City Council and "We Go Outside Too" provide opportunities for the Black community in the West Midlands to connect with nature and the community.


East Midlands

Solo Walk

East Midlands beckons solo walkers to explore its charming trails like "The Linby Trail and Hucknall" in Nottinghamshire, showcasing a blend of heritage and natural beauty.

Linby Huncknall trailmap.

Walk Together

Discover the camaraderie of walking with others through the "Footloose East Midlands Walking Group" and the "One Step Walkers - Nottingham and Derby Walking Group" by Ramblers. These groups offer exciting opportunities to make friends while journeying along disused railways and other scenic routes.


Lambley viaduct. Clem Rutter, Rochester, Kent, CC BY 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia CommonsNorth East

Solo Walk

North East offers delightful solo walks with gems like the "South Tyne Trail" in the North Pennines, featuring the breathtaking Lambley viaduct and charming landscapes.


Walk Together

For a sense of togetherness, explore the region with "Interesting Walks" and "Northumbria Ramblers," where you can join fellow enthusiasts on guided group walks, making your journey more enjoyable.


North West

Britain's Scenic Railways visits the incredible Ribblehead viaduct operated by the Settle-Carlisle Railways. Well worth a visit both from the ground on a walk and along the tracks by train.

Solo Walk

Discover the North West's charm with solo walks on the "Keswick to Threlkeld Railway Path," offering captivating vistas along the route. Ray Mears can also show you some incredible walks along the River Derwent the Borrowdale valley in Wilderness Walks.


Walk Together

Connect with walking communities in the North West through the "Lancashire Weekend Walkers Group - Ramblers" and "Preston and District Walking Club." For those seeking an inclusive experience, "Bolton HF Walking Club" welcomes all to explore disused railways together.


Yorkshire and HumberOld Railway Carriages at Hawsker The Cinder Track, also known as the "Scarborough to Whitby Rail Trail" and "Scarborough to Whitby Cinder Track".   © Copyright Jeff Buck and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

Britain's Scenic Railways takes us to various parts of Yorkshire including the Worth Valley, home to Britain's smallest train station, Damens. Particularly famous for the Green Dragon steam train, which made an appearance in the Railway Children. It's a great trip out for train enthusiasts and countryside lovers alike.

Solo Walk

Explore Yorkshire and Humber's beauty with solo walks along enchanting trails like "The Cinder Track - Scarborough to Whitby" a 21 mile multi-use path following the track of the old Scarborough and Whitby Railway. The railway operated from 1885 to 1965 when it was closed as part of the Beeching Axe. Or try the walk from "Hull to Winestead Rail Trail."


Walk Together

Connect with enthusiastic walkers through "Hull & Holderness Ramblers Group," "Leeds YHA Walking Group" and "York Outdoor Group." For a unique experience, the "Sheffield Environment Movement", which evolved from the Black Men Walk for Health Group, fosters holistic workshops and farm tours while exploring disused railways.

ScotlandPhoto of the walking path to reach Talisker Bay. The knuckly hill is Preshal More. Photo credit Photo by @iancylkowskiphotography via Unsplash

Scotland is privvy to some incredible rail tracks. In Britain's Scenic Railways we get to venture along some stunning routes including retracing the Jellicoe express route, the Strathspey railway, the Redbridge Viaduct and the Hogwarts Express' Glenfinnan Viaduct. 

Solo Walk

Admire Scotland's natural beauty with solo walks on the "South Tyne Trail" in the North Pennines, offering breathtaking viaduct views and a chance to spot red squirrels. For something more wildlife focused, pick up some routes from Ray Mears as he explores Galloway in Wilderness Walks or hop on the ferry to the Isle of Skye.


Walk Together

In Scotland, unite with nature lovers through "Paths for All," "Fife Walking Club" and "Boots and Beards" (for minority ethnic groups) to explore disused railways together.


Solo Walk 

Wales offers solo walking delights with "The Mawddach Trail," where you can revel in the natural charm of the region. Snowdonia is an amazing place to walk and Ray Mears can show you what wildlife to look out for in his Wilderness Walks Snowdonia episode.


Walk Together

Join walking groups in Wales like "North Wales Ramblers," "Welsh Women Walking" and "Teithwyr Tawe Trekkers" for group outings along disused railways, fostering new friendships and shared experiences.


Northern Ireland

Solo Walk 

Northern Ireland invites solo walkers to the restored "Old Railway Line Walk" in County Down, offering family-friendly strolls amidst serene landscapes. This is a lovely short walk so easy to do in an afternoon (or morning!)

Walk Together

Unite with fellow walkers in Northern Ireland by exploring "WalkNI," providing opportunities for group walks and shared experiences.



Solo Walk

Discover the urban oasis of North London with the "Parkland walk" by The Friends of the Parkland Walk, offering a scenic escape amidst the city. A great walk with some lovely cafe and pub recommendations.

Walk Together

Connect with walking enthusiasts in London through the "Saturday Walkers Club," "Walk and Talk" and "Merton Uplift," providing opportunities to explore disused railways while enjoying the company of others.


Embark on unforgettable walking experiences across the UK, either solo or in the company of like-minded individuals. Whether you seek solitude or camaraderie on your walk, the disused railways offer scenic routes to create cherished memories. And when it's a little rainy, prepare for your next adventure by tuning into Together TV's plethora of nature and outdoor programmes available to watch now. Happy walking!


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