Best Moments from Country House Rescue

Country House Rescue is one of our most beloved series on Together TV. It may be a guilty pleasure, but who doesn’t love glimpsing into how the other half live? We are excited to show series four, but we will miss host Ruth Watson.

Business Tycoon Simon Davies will be presenting series four. His expertise lies in revamping restaurants and hotels. However, we have learnt from previous series that the biggest challenge is convincing the proprietors. Sometimes the owners are too emotionally invested. We wanted to look back over the last three series and highlight some of our favourite moments.


The Zoo Incident

When the Le Grice’s told Ruth that they had tried to save Trereife House with a zoo, her reaction was priceless. She reflected exactly what we all felt; lions and tigers in a manor house in Penzance? Whoever thought that was a good idea. (S3E4)


The Rave Home

We would’ve loved to see Tapely Park in its commune days. Only those there can relive the Tapely raves and awesome parties. Naturally, it only takes one to ruin the fun and the owner quickly scaled back invites and was left with a house in ruins. But, the ruin from gatecrashers this time. (S3E2)


Looking for Love Bachelor

Sir Michael Maxwell being more fixated on finding a partner than getting Monreith House in order. We especially enjoyed Ruth’s reiterations that Sir Michael needs a feminine touch to restore the house and even suggesting Lady Maxwell applications! (S3E3)


An Unadvisable Central Heating

One of our all time favourite moments was the double whammy in episode one of series two. Owner of Plas Teg, Cornelia, would leave the gas hob running all day long as heating and her ex-boyfriend would pay the bills.It was a whopping £7,000 utilities bill and they’d been separated for 20 years! Luckily, Ruth told Cornelia that there are more affordable ways to heat a house. (S2E1)


What was your favourite moment from Country House Rescue? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Series four of Country House Rescue will bring just as much joy. Be sure to tune on weekdays from 18th February at 1 pm or 9 pm.