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Swan. Spend February with Together TV

This February, love starts at home, and where better to discover some inspiring self care than with homely shows on Together TV. If you need somebody, the NHS and Together TV are here for you, see below for more. 

We’ve got amazing new shows this month, which showcase the best your home has to offer. Learn how your everyday household items are made and function with James May: The Reassembler, and get back to nature (while staying warm indoors) with Dick Strawbridge and the contestants of Cabins In The Wild as they construct stunning cabins in the calming natural world. 

Feed your soul with the wonderful Nigella Lawson in her heartwarming tribute to Italian food writer Anna Del Conte: Nigella, The Cook That Made Me. Want to learn more about pasta before you watch? Learn the difference between dry and fresh pasta with Food Unwrapped, and don’t miss out on your last chance to learn to cook healthy new recipes by joining Together TV’s Green Challenge. Finally, dig deep, and finish the month strong with this striking testimonial, aired during the 50th anniversary of the miners strike, The Last Miners, a documentary following the miners of the last deep coal mine in Britain.

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James May: The Reassembler

James May: The Reassembler Starts Monday 14th February at 5:45pm

Cuddle up on the sofa and watch as James May examines how everyday household items work by reassembling them bit by bit to understand the engineering and to hopefully get them working again on the first go-around. 

Start watching on Monday 14th February at 5:45pm

Cabins In The Wild

Cabins in the wild starts Monday 21st February at 9pm

Join Dick Strawbridge and William Hardie as they travel across the country to judge groups of contestants who are building bespoke cabins in the wilds of Great Britain. Along the way, enjoy the scenery the countryside has to offer.

Start watching on Monday 21st February at 9pm

Nigella, The Cook That Made Me

Nigella, the cook that made me starts Friday 11th February at 5:45pm

Get ready for a mouthwatering trip down memory lane with Nigella Lawson’s tribute to food writer Anna Del Conte who, moving to England in 1949, helped transform Britain's understanding and appreciation of Italian cooking.

Start watching on Friday 11th February at 5:45pm

The Last Miners

The Last Miners starts Sunday 20th February at 9pm

Strike a course down below the earth’s surface with this documentary following the workers at the last deep coal mine in Britain. Follow the men who dug deep as they prepared for their mine to close.

Catch the first part on Sunday 20th February at 9pm

Join the Thousands who are Growing Green

Grow your own basil. Join the Green Challenge. TV Chef Rustie Lee in the kitchen.

Remember to join Together TV’s Green Challenge to spice up weekly meals with healthy and tasty recipes. Don’t worry if cooking isn’t your typical cup of tea, household TV Chef Rustie Lee will teach you how to fire up your kitchen skills in fun-loving cookalong videos. Want to zest it up further? Try some more recipes with the lovely Nadiya Hussain’s family favourites. Submission forms are closing soon so get started by ordering your FREE packet of basil seeds here!

Do You Need Somebody? The NHS Is Here To Help

"Help I need somebody" The NHS is here to help

The NHS has launched a new landmark campaign using the iconic Beatles song “Help!” to get the nation taking better care of its mental health. Together TV supports this new campaign and is here for you and hears you. We’ve got additional resources for your mental wellbeing and invite you to reach out if you need someone to talk to.


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