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We hope you and your sunflowers are radiant.

Danny’s back to show you how to keep your sunflowers strong, starting with fertiliser.

You’ll need Tomato or Nitrogen fertiliser.

Fertiliser is important for strong growth, good flowers and helps keep pests and diseases away. There are many types of fertilisers, and tomato or nitrogen fertilisers are the best for sunflowers. Tomato fertiliser is rich in potassium, which helps with flowering and nitrogen helps plants grow leaves.

Follow the instructions on the fertiliser you have and pour the fertiliser two inches from the stem, then cover with a layer of compost. Careful not to get fertiliser on the stem as it may cause rotting.

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Continue to keep your sunflower well watered now it’s outside, and tick off week 8 on your calendar

Keep up the awesome work and have a good week gardener!

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