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How have your sunflowers adjusted to the outside?

Now that they have more room, they need more water. Less was more, but as the sunflowers grow more is...more!

A sprinkling of water will evaporate and not reach the roots. You need to give your sunflowers enough water to soak them thoroughly and reach the roots. A good minute of watering with a hose pipe will do, or a whole watering can’s worth.

If they are living in a large pot outside, you should water it every evening. Aim to keep the roots moist, but not soaking wet. It’s best to avoid watering during a hot day as the water can scorch the leaves. Let the friends and family you gave sunflowers to know this too!

Got any dead, diseased or broken growth on your sunflower? Cut it off immediately! They become a drain on the plant's energy, and we want your sunflowers to radiate.


We'd love to see a picture of your sunflowers having a good old soak!

Here are some of your sunflower selfies so far, more can be found in our Sunflower Growers Gallery.

Every week, we celebrate a top poster in our Facebook group too. Recent top posters included Sarah Jane, JJ Mills and Steve P.

That’s all for week 7. Tick it off your calendar, and keep your sunflower hydrated. You’re doing fantastic!

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