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How tall is your sunflower getting?

It’s time to start preparing it for the great outdoors by hardening off because you don’t want your sunflower to experience transplant shock when you permanently move it outside. Hardening off is easy. You’ll put your sunflower outside during the day and back inside overnight. You can start putting it outside from mid-late May, after the final frost because sunflowers don’t like frost.

Try setting a daily reminder on your phone to bring your sunflowers outside in the morning and inside in the evening.

We’re also almost half way, which means it’s a good time for another wellbeing check-in  and another prize draw. Complete the midway wellbeing check-in and enter to win Monty Don's The Complete Gardener, Monty's guide for creating a self sustaining and environmentally friendly garden. The perfect prize for you now that your sunflower is coming along so well!


Midway Sunflower Challenge Wellbeing Check-in


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Please complete our next Wellbeing Check-in. It should take two minutes in total. By completing this you will be entered a prize draw with a chance to win the gardening book 'Monty Don: The Complete Gardener'.

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A big congrats and shout out to Pamela Y for winning the personalised gardening tools from the prize draw for the first wellbeing checkin. Be sure to complete the second wellbeing checkin for a chance to win!

If you want to get some more gardening tips and even start sowing more seeds, check out our list of local gardening communities.

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Keep up the great work! Tick off week 5 from your calendar and remember to bring that sunflower out every morning and in every evening!

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