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How’s it going with your little sunflower plant?

Is it in a bright, warm place yet? How does the soil feel?

The maintenance phase of growing a seedling requires being attentive to your plants needs - a skill you’ll need for this exclusive sunflower challenge priority quiz. Test your knowledge of the phases of growing a sunflower to win. Six winners will even win a DIY clay pot kit! T&Cs apply.

Sunflower Sower: Priority Puzzle

This game works best on a desktop browser!

Last week we mentioned that they’re great gifts. Check in with your friends and families and see if your seedlings are at similar stages.

If you want to get some more gardening tips and even start sowing more seeds, check out our list of local gardening communities.

Find my local gardening community:

Keep checking in on your little plant and feel free to share any updates, we love hearing from you. Don’t forget to cross off week 4 on your calendar.  

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