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This week we’re going to be talking about watering your sunflowers. Here’s Danny to show you the best methods:

Check to see if the soil is dry. Use your finger, and if there’s any moisture you can hold off watering and check in again tomorrow. 

A good way to remember to check in is anchoring it to a habit you already do. For example, when you take your first drink of the day, think about checking if your sunflower needs a drink too! Or before you start washing the dishes, does your sunflower need a rinse too?

Tell us what habit you’ll use to remember. You can text or WhatsApp us on 07446 721036*. 

*Be aware that texts are charged at your standard message rate.

Aim for moist and not wet, less if more when your sunflowers are still seedlings.

If you find your seedlings leaning to one side (this happens because it grows towards the light), just twist the pot. This will give you a straighter sunflower later on.

Are you already part of a local gardening community group? Find the nearest one with our gardening community map

The map is a work in progress - please come again to see new places near you. And feel free to let us know if there are community gardens in your area that you would like us to add!

Please note, Together TV is not affiliate to any of these community gardens and we cannot guarantee about their activities.

You can tick off week two on your sunflower calendar. Remember, every seed will have a different journey so be patient and just keep checking in with it. 

Have a lovely week!

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