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Let’s sow your sunflower seeds! Here’s Danny Clarke to show you how and to debunk some sunflower myths:

Step 1: Loosely fill your pot with compost
Step 2: Stick your finger into the compost to make a hole half an inch deep (1 cm). 
Step 3: Put one seed in the hole
Step 4: Cover the seed with compost.
Step 5: Water, about a gulp. We want it wet, but not swampy.
Step 6: Place the pot somewhere you’ll see it often.*
Step 7: Repeat for all the seeds!

*In the early stages seeds don’t need lots of sunlight to germinate. Germination can take anywhere from 5 days to 2 weeks so don’t worry if you don’t see much activity for a while. Put your pots somewhere you’ll remember to check them for water e.g. next to the kettle or on your desk. Once your seedling surfaces, move it to a sunnier spot.

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