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Has your sunflower started to sprout?

We'd love to see you with your sprouts. Show us by emailing a selfie with your sunflower and we’ll add them to the gallery for others to see too. Click on the button below to email us a photo, or even a video! 

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If you’ve joined our Facebook group, you can also share photos there and admire other people’s sunflowers.

The bigger leaves are true leaves. Here's a picture of Angela H's sunflower seedlings from last year. We have drawn an arrow pointing to the top leaves which are much bigger, more pointed and thicker.Interesting fact: The first leaves that appear are called cotlyedon leaves or seed leaves. These are different in shape to the true leaves, which grow later. 

Sunflower's true leaves are more shapely, thicker and veinier. Their purpose is to help photosynthesis, which is how your sunflower converts sunlight into energy to grow!

Still waiting for a sprout?

Like people, seeds will grow and bloom at different times. Don’t be discouraged if your seed is yet to come through. There are many factors that may affect its growth like the warmth and moisture levels.

You can always ask in our Facebook group for tips. Sometimes the seeds just don’t germinate and that’s ok too, that’s why we recommend having more than one at the beginning.

Remember to keep using the watering tips Danny and Fran shared last week. We can’t wait to see all your faces with your little sprouts.

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