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Together TV's Sunflower Challenge - week 4:watering

Do you know how often to water your sunflower seed?

Getting the ratio right at the beginning is crucial to ensuring your sunflowers sprout and grow strong. Danny and Fran will show you their top watering tips. 

Top Watering Tips!

  1. 1. Think little and often!
  2. 2. Use the finger test to see if the soil needs watering. Touch the top of the soil and if it's dry, top it up! If it's wet, they're fine for now!
  3. 3. A cloche is simple to make and can help keep the sunflowers in a warm, wet environment during the first few weeks. Simply use half a plastic bottle or a plastic bag!
  4. 4. Going away? Fill a drip tray with water and the soil will soak up what it needs slowly.

What will your prompt be?

Remembering to water your sunflower can be hard, so use something you do every day to prompt you.

When you brush you teeth in the morning, think about checking your sunflower! Or maybe when you take the dog out for a morning walk, check the sunflower when you grab the lead!

Your sunflower is going to thrive under your watchful eye.

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