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Together TV's Sunflower Challenge - week 3: sowing

It’s time for you all to sow those seeds!

You will have received two packs of premium quality seeds so fingers crossed most of them will sprout (provided they are kept in a favourable environment from the beginning.)

How will you arrange sowing the seeds with your team? Will you sow them all together or will you divide the available seeds between the members? Whatever you decide, make sure to follow TV gardener Danny Clarke's top tips.

Get started with Danny Clarke’s easy sowing steps, with sunflower expert Fran Lawton, to give your sunflower seeds the best start.

Top Sowing Tips!

  1. 1. You can also germinate seeds in a wet towel. Just dampen a kitchen cloth, put the seeds on the cloth and fold the cloth on top of the seeds. Check to see if they sprout over the next few days and plant the ones that do!
  2. 2. This keeps them safe from cold weather, hungry squirrels and other dangers. We’ll let you know when it’s safe to transplant (move them outside) later.
  3. 3. Put one seed per pot to give them the best chance of growing strong and tall
  4. 4. No pots to hand? Check your recycling bin for alternatives like a fruit punnet or egg box. Just make sure theres a drainage hole if you’re using plastic.

Some of you great recycled pots. There's Ian N's reused coffee cut with seedlings poking through. Andrew M's empty loo rolls and Natalie S' egg box!

Once you've safely sown your seeds, remember to fill in the sunflower challenge calendar as a team and tick off week 3.

We’ll be in touch next week with Danny’s watering tips.

Good luck sowing!

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