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SUNFLOWER CHALLENGE 2023: WEEK 12 - Harvesting

Your team's sunflowers are still probably very young and may not even have flowered yet. So enjoy them whilst while they’re still full of life!

It’s always good to be prepared, so take notes on what Danny Clarke and Fran Lawton advise in their final video guide for when your sunflowers come to the end of their lives.

Hint: it includes a creating refuge for your favourite furry insect!

Did you know...

The sunflower head droops because it’s being weighed down with the heavy mature seeds! When your sunflower head starts to droop, you’ll know it’s time to come back to this step.

Julie J's drooping sunflower

Wellbeing Check In

How have your team enjoyed the sunflower challenge?

Complete the final wellbeing check in on behalf of your team or get everyone to fill it in to measure your progress and get your certificate. What’s even better, you’ll be in with the chance to win a Purple Turtle grow-your-own herb kit to continue your gardening journey!

Be in with a chance to win a complete Grow Your Own kit to continue your journey, including basil, rosemary, chives, thyme and parsley!


Check in & enter

Did we hear you say BINGO?

Has your team been marking off the BINGO sheet milestones from the Sunflower Challenge kit? Once you've got five in a row or column, send us your completed sheet along with some photos to be entered into the prize draw to win an engraved wooden gardening crate for all your gardening tools.

Sunflower Challenge Bingo Sheet

You can always refer back to previous weeks through the My Sunflower Challenge Resource Hub, or get in touch and we can try help you find what you’re after.

Well done on growing the perfect sunflower! Thank you for joining as a team and a big well done to your team leader for guiding you through it.

Tick off week 12, enjoy your sunflower's beauty and keep sending us your selfies.

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