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Congratulations on reaching the end of the Green Challenge! 

Complete the final wellbeing check in to receive your certificate and measure your progress over the last 8 weeks.

Tell us something about you. 

Congratulations for completing the Green Challenge!

Please complete our final Wellbeing Check-in. It should take two minutes in total. By completing this you will receive a certificate to display proudly in your home. 

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Below are some statements about feelings and thoughts. Please select the answer option that best describes your experience of each statement over the last 2 weeks. 
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Please enter your first name, last name and email address below to be entered into the prize draw:

Thanks for completing your Wellbeing Check-in! It will help us build our journey together. If you would like to receive your certificate in a different name please email [email protected].


You’ve learnt so much:

- How to grow and nurture basil
- Four delicious, new recipes to cook from scratch
- How to minimise your food waste
- And, you’ve been connected to community kitchens

Don’t stop there, keep up these new skills. Try growing a new herb and searching for recipes to include them in on the Kitche app. Continue to support your closest FoodCycle community kitchen or FareShare hub. How will you sustain being green in the kitchen?

If you enjoyed the green challenge, check out our other challenges and initiatives on how Life Starts Here at Together TV!

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