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Welcome to the Green Challenge!

Welcome to the Green Challenge!

First you'll need to acquire some basil seeds. You can find basil seeds from various outlets*, at the time of writing the current prices were correct:

*We are not affiliated nor partnered with any of the companies listed.

You’ll need a seed tray (or pot with drainage holes) and compost. It’s super easy to sow basil seeds, Rustie Lee will show you how:


Basil growing tips

-Start your seeds off in pots of moist peat-free seed compost as basil is fragile (multipurpose can also work if seed compost is hard to find) on a warm but not sunny windowsill.

- Sowing them closer together will help them compete and grow bigger.

- Basil likes to grow in bright, warm conditions so find the warmest place in your house to set it down. The kitchen or living room windowsill might seem like a good place, careful if you close the curtains at night as your basil might get cold. So, make sure it's on the inside of your curtain. 

Rustie Lee sowing basil seeds

Troubleshoot with fellow Green Challengers via our Facebook Group and keep us updated on how your basil grows by sending us photos.

Over the next few weeks as your basil starts to grow, Rustie will teach you to make some tasty recipes.

Next week, you will get the first tutorial for the Speedy Tomato and Basil Pasta.

Here is the ingredient list, so see what you have already in the cupboards and what you might need to fetch:

Speedy Tomato and Basil Pasta Ingredient List

Pasta 500g pasta (any and all shapes)

Garlic 1 garlic clove

Onion 1 onion

BalsamicBalsamic vinegar

Cherry tomatoes Handful of cherry tomatoes (or any other tomatoes)

Veg Any other veg that needs using up

Sundried tomatoesAround 6 sundried tomatoes roughly chopped + some of the oil

Basil 25g fresh basil

Salt and Pepper Salt and pepper

Cheese Optional: cheese

Photo of chopped onion, sundried tomatoes, courgette, peppers and oil bowl of dried pasta bowl of cherry tomatoes

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